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My dog is dreaming *awe*

He keeps flinching, like he's wagging his tail. I think he's dreaming of Pipsie...

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xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-28 18:38:34

He didn't eat for 2 days, and he was not happy like he used to be.

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-28 18:33:14

And I think he was trying to show-off for her before she died. Max fell in love with her, even though she was 8 years older than him. She was 15, and he is 7. He is a Yorkie mixed with a poodle (he is so fluffy :D) but Pipsie liked another dog named Toto. He had a tumor on his leg, and he was way older than Pipsie. When Toto died, she started to like Max, and she would alow him to play with her, even though she was REALLY old. When Pipsie went to the vet to be put down, Max got... Depressed.

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-28 18:28:32

Ican't draw fricking wings lmao, anyway, Pipsie was like a mother to him. He always wanted to play with her, cheer her up, and always be by her side. Pipsie taught him a lot of things, like... Idk... He pees like a girl... I guess that's it... Anyway XD When she couldn't walk, and she was dying, he tried to play with her. He backed away and saw that she was dying, so he started licking her head, and he curled up with her on her blanket.

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