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my oc!

why do i make videos if no one likes me...?

Other drawings by 8-Bitkitty

DietCoke32017-03-11 01:32:15

well look on QueenEmeraldJewl other accont then look at 8-Bitkittys oc's

orange pikle2017-03-10 13:53:33

what oc?

DietCoke32017-03-10 11:58:02

and i know she did say mean things to you but she is sensitive adout everything

DietCoke32017-03-10 11:48:20

i reel sorry for 8-Bitkitty i thank thats way the is going (just saying please dont be mad at me!)

DietCoke32017-03-10 11:46:44

NOOOOO 8-BITKITTY DONT GO WELL WHO EVER HATES YOU THEY JUST WANT TO BE BETTER BUT THEY KNOW THAT YOU ARE BETTTER THEN THEN THEM and im sorry QueenEmeraldJewl but i looked at your other vids and i knowtes that your oc's they looked like 8-Bitkitty's old oc's just saying but she makes and new oc like her hair up then your hair was up just after 8-Bitkitty's hair was up then you coppy her newer oc's ill be mad at you if i was 8-Bitkitty i would NOT like to be copped but i f

8-Bitkitty2017-03-10 10:31:51

welp im out never coming back (no one cares adout me so yeah never coming back! NO JK)and its should be the best for every one! bye!

QueenEmeraldJewl2017-03-10 10:24:57

btw cute oc

QueenEmeraldJewl2017-03-10 10:24:26

you make videos?

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