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My school sucks.

Here are reasons everyone can relate to.

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LegendaryWolf123452017-09-26 13:35:52


EmperorBomb2017-09-26 08:12:23

get it and just laugh at my dumb joke.

38) I am a no life unaccomplished thirteen-year-old.

39) People used my pencils to the point where there was no more.

40) School just sucks in general.

EmperorBomb2017-09-26 08:08:36

29) I keep dropping my goal as to getting fit and eating more healthy.

30) I'm not in a school sport like the other boys and it can be pretty fun.

31) This is the only place whilst at school that i can get away to.

32) They roast better than you.

33) I have stage fright which makes me a loser trying to get on stage.

34) My family is mildly poor.

35) I am owed $25 dollars by my mother.

36) Life just feels dull at this point.

37) If i make a joke people won't

EmperorBomb2017-09-26 08:03:40

i just get in trouble. No matter how much they piss me off.

21) I'm not a kid anymore.

22) I wish i could restart my life.

23) It's just tedious most of the time.

24) The lunch isn't even that good tbh.

25) I'm a lazy, fat kid who just plays video games and puts at least no effort into his homework.

26) End me now please.

27) This list is that long of the many things about my school that make it terrible.

28) My family is so messy and sloppy including

EmperorBomb2017-09-26 07:57:26

13) These people are teenagers and still can't be responsible for their

14) It's a lockdown drill right now and if i was with them in an actual lockdown...

15) I'm an un-popular kid who everyone laughs at.

16) I suck in group efforts.

17) They always do actions that make me uncomfortable...

18) I'm always thinking about werid things...

19) I get...just silently sour about everyone talking about me.

20) If i lay a finger on someone without them hitt

EmperorBomb2017-09-26 07:50:01

1) It's full of swearing pre-teens

2) Kids play too much

3) I hate working in groups.

4) Sometimes i don't know what my peers talk about.

5) They always ruin it for others often.

6) The risk of me braking school property and paying $250 something.

7) It's just stressful.

8) My parent are divorced.

9) The students can be annoying.

10) My classes. (ESPECIALLY english)

11) Homework.

12) Doing nearly the same thing everyday

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