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Nice & Cozy

Hope Y'all are staying warm this winter! Here's a picture to keep you warm if your not. haha not really... but the idea is warm, no?hmmm....

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YOKESHWARI2017-03-29 22:24:44

get lost fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOKESHWARI2017-03-29 22:23:43

my drawing is better than i am last place in drawing. u think 1 is bigger or 9 is bigger so
i am the bigger and u are the last!!!!!!!

YOKESHWARI2017-03-29 22:18:40

this is the idiotness darwing in the world . its is full of foolishness
bitch !!! bitch !!! your a witch doing the spells and destroying the earth .fuc.k drawing you thought as a playboy!!!!! nonsence

no name 12257-2013-04-07 15:30:56

LOL Im so cozy and warm!!!

kinga kaminska2013-03-18 14:30:25

Your right it does make me alittle warm!

i love candy1232012-11-26 04:54:33

Good :c

VanellopeVonSchweetz2012-11-24 06:39:17

Nice job!

April Showers2012-01-15 14:03:57

Wow, that's awesome. :) Cozy.

HighonColors01012011-12-23 16:05:08

thanks! @Jo-Jo i wish i had fire like it too. i love the smell of burning wood in a hearth. but alls i gots is a furnace bleh:)

Jo-Jo2011-12-23 14:45:27

I wish I gad that fire all the time! It would keep me naice and cozy!!!!!!

Trinity Shoemaker2011-12-19 11:24:43

So realistic! very nice job^^

HighonColors01012011-12-01 22:39:51

yep, you can blame work. haha but i try to do sumthing on my days off :O
appreciate the compliment:) i always look forward to seeing your drawings when i come on. keep up the wonderful work!

Steeben 42011-12-01 17:34:48

yay! you haven't been here in a while! great drawing!

HighonColors01012011-11-26 23:01:12

i wanted to add a kitty but there wasn't enough room...boo..o(~3~)o

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