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PURRfectJustPURRfect2017-05-28 05:14:14

I Care...

CrystalGirl1102017-05-28 00:24:47

Thanks sibs. I'll make a decision! :)

StarGirl142017-05-28 00:23:59

I know. But it's ok. Have the LONGEST break of off the computer as long as you wish. We will not stop you Sis. It's your choice :).

CrystalGirl1102017-05-28 00:22:05

I know that. But things are changing so much! So many updates in life and stuff. And I just... Y'know.

StarGirl142017-05-28 00:20:37

Hey sis. I gotta tell ya. It's your descision But you just can't quit slimber because your being notice. Like Emperor said keep painting!

Meowing Thomas2017-05-28 00:18:46

Were here for you ALWAYS ALWAYS. Besides. (we know you in real life anyway XD)

Crystalgirl1102017-05-28 00:17:23

Thomas. Your a good friend. Thank you for always supporting me all the way to the end.
Star. You are an awesome, funny, sis. Thanks. :'')

Meowing Thomas2017-05-28 00:13:01

Hey. I care. You have a bff ^_^ (and star). We are here for you crystal.

Crystalgirl1102017-05-28 00:10:06

aww. Thanks star. And thanks for the postive words for me Emperor

StargGirl142017-05-28 00:09:04

Im supporting you -_- dummy.

Crystalgirl142017-05-28 00:07:37

Erm Star. Stop texting me in the room. Lol.

StarGirl142017-05-28 00:05:05

He's right! :(

EmperorBomb2017-05-27 19:42:02

I kept painting until someone noticed. So you should as well...please..don't leave slimber. Most of us think it's a little upseting someone is about to leave due to their thoughts on them not being heard or recognized.

EmperorBomb2017-05-27 19:36:27

Look, Crystal, i understand that you haven't been on recently because of school terms.
We've all been through that part in our lives but, that doesn't mean you should go quiting slimber, just, keep making you're awesome art because well to be honest, i haven't even noticed that you were Denver Killer until you pointed it out last painting. Just keep doing what you do best. To make you feel better, i've felt that i wasn't important but, guess what, i kept painti

StarGirl142017-05-27 18:38:13


Crystalgirl1102017-05-27 18:34:01

if you wanna know why? Here is the reason.


Crystalgirl1102017-05-27 18:27:32

Yep none of you don't

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