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Nope nope nope

I'm tired of this damn site and all the little ignorant dumbass kids on this site copying and abusing my character(s). I might come back to draw on a different account, but don't expect much from me.

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FlamingFeather2018-04-06 16:15:11

Do you even care about Ruby?

RainPie2017-12-31 22:47:21

OH RUBY IM SO SORRY THAY I DIDNT SEE TJIS I WAS OFFLIME! Please don't leave! I really miss you so much and it's killing me everyday to wake up and know you're not on this site anymore! Please come back we all need you! I need you to stay strong kids are kids and they don't understand what they are doing and it's a result world but you have to be careful back!

xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-18 09:47:10

I understand, and please don't leave. I HATE all of these little 5 year olds abusing your art, and it gets really annoying. I wish they would just leave you alone, they are just being rude. They just don't know what its like. If someone copied THERE art, they probably would feel the same way you are feeling. I'm very sorry Ruby :'(

Belivin2017-11-18 09:19:13

at least yoo got us to agree

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