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North Island Waves

I've been wanting to draw waves for so long but I could never find a picture that was easy enough was this one so I guess this is kinda like a challenge for me. (waves are HAARRDD) hope you like it!

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Night_Art2017-03-16 17:52:27

DAAANG THOUGH I can barely draw digital but DUDE! how long have you been doing this?!?!?!?!

Night_Art2017-03-16 17:48:36


Nyancat1012013-10-22 15:15:28

Can you draw a dragon maybe? ps this is so cool!

kinga kaminska2013-05-07 14:39:46

O.O thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u do requests? if u do can u draw a wolf?

no name 12257-2012-11-05 07:19:13

A M A Z I NG You do have true talent! :)

mochi2012-10-28 15:58:42

sightly blurry, though it is a good drawing, and just to put it out in case any of ya want to go critasize on my thing, i dont have one (+o+) im just a critic. (o u o)

(cirtasize is probably spelled wrong ima really bad speller)

Nyletak2012-10-13 23:43:03

Definately my favorite picture you've drawn. You're amazing!

angel2012-10-09 14:12:47


bobmippy2012-08-29 12:48:38

dude that is so cool

totilou2012-08-13 04:43:52

i can feel the mist in my face... amazing!

Wikkler2012-07-07 14:21:13

Once again, fantastic work. I'm new at this website, but I've already seen a lot of your work. Magnificent.

Tahl2012-06-22 22:23:33

your really good!

hussain2012-06-18 09:32:33

wow i like this drawing aND I LOVE WAVES

bahrain 2012-06-18 09:31:40

wow i like drawing waves i have drawn bahrain waves it,s really i love color

Brooklyn2012-06-15 23:29:00

I wish i could draw like that

Dreama2012-06-12 14:35:50

Steeben, you use pictures? I guess I should but they are all out of my head......it has been pretty full up til now LOL

shewolf2012-06-09 12:25:56

so pretty our ocean and forests is the true butey of our butiful world every one should save it not hurt it

kitcat2012-06-09 07:37:22

your good at drawing land scapes, foods and flowers.basicly everything i cant,
big fan ;D

kitcat2012-06-09 07:34:26

you should have more coments!
i kow some one with 85 and its nothing compared to this,
your amazing :p

kitcat2012-06-08 03:12:14

and bravery

kitcat2012-06-07 10:42:44

i dont know how to put this
you were amazing
bigest fan
look at my pics
rock and roll
teenage truble
to wonder
happy whale
extremly cute pup
foxy fox
a rose
cutie kittie

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:46:37

ahh sorry guys. this is the video http://www.invisiblechildren.com/videos

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:41:29

Guys, this is Steeben. I just watched a crazy video called the invisible children, it's about these ugandan kids who are abducted, raped, abused, and taken to be used as an army to kill their parents, some were used as sex slaves. it's terrible. this is a video talking about Joseph Kony, the criminal who started all this. the whole this is to make kony famous to arrest him. watch the video! it's amazing, inspring, and touching. :)

Lynny 2012-01-24 19:12:20

Wow! Etraordinary! Its hard enough doing it with pencil and paper, but doing it on the computer, that takes tons of talent! I rate you #1 Slimber Artist!

kaeli2011-12-30 06:48:00

........................................wow its .....its amazing ...........am i heading to light

moonblade2011-12-13 22:50:53


moonblade2011-12-13 22:50:35

be a computer graphic person when r older

savana1242011-12-04 08:14:28


Adreal2011-11-29 17:50:53

wow your really good at waves i'm horable at them!!!

Mama kat2011-11-29 16:26:10

Waves are fun to draw. I have drawn quite a few but haven't saved them as they didn't come out well. You have done great on this one.

Opal Dragon2011-11-27 18:24:02

First comment!! Yeees!! XD That's really pretty, I love water! ;)

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