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off to grab a knife

bye permently and i won't see pipse in heaven just to let you know

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iamz2017-10-28 20:31:54

God isn't real so have fun in the infinite void that is the space after our blip of an existance

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-25 14:49:53

Belivin? Are you still here? Plz come back. I have been having dreams that you came back and I was crying. I miss you very badly. Plz come back. :'(

Bomby2017-10-21 19:08:56

Okay Belivin..if you're reading this, just know, we aren't mad at you, we're just a little over the top on this. Look we know that your Oc has a curl, and so does Rainpie. But i've seen the hairstyle and it doesn't really matter, like Sakura stated,"It's just hair..
We still care about you Bell..please don't die over this..we all still love you to bits.

LonelyDemon2017-10-19 09:45:51

I do ;-;

Bomby2017-10-18 18:52:24

Sakura has a very good point Bell, i see many other people drawing in the same style as you..i think.

LonelyDemon2017-10-18 18:36:22

Idk what debunked is ;-;

Sakura-sama2017-10-18 18:18:25

Just admit your mistakes and move on. I'm actually laughing at how long this has dragged on. It shouldn't have even started in the first place. I've debunked this whole thing and it's all so petty.

Sakura-sama2017-10-18 18:15:57

This is actually pretty funny to me. I was the same when I was younger. I would start fights and then play victim and say I was gonna kill myself. Guess what, I never did. I finally learned that I needed to GROW UP. I quit social media for a while until I felt it was right to come back. What I'm trying to say is literally grow up. No one is going to bend over for you. Threatening suicide is childish especially when it's something as stupid as this. (cont)

Belivin2017-10-18 18:02:44


Bomby2017-10-18 17:51:07

Yes, you will burn forever in hell..and of course you will feel it..

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-18 17:46:21

And, if you kill yourself, you would just go staight to hell, and you would be tortured and you would just die over and over. And in heaven, you have everlasting life! You wouldn't feel any pain, sadness, and you would get to see your grandma again! but, if you kill yourself, you wouldn't be able to see your loved-ones. I would be happy to go to heaven, and see my dad again, and see Jesus, and see all of my family members that have died

LonelyDemon2017-10-18 17:45:25

Sakura´s here! :D

Sakura-sama2017-10-18 17:40:18

This is nothing to kill yourself over dude

LonelyDemon2017-10-18 17:36:07

But still, do u rlly wanna disobey God? He made u a sperm for a reason and if you take that reason away you WILL go to Hell. Its punishment for not accepting the life he gave u, u know he didn´t have to create us but we r lucky he did, he wouldnt anyway, I knwo we didnt exsist billions of year ago, btu we waited and here we r, the 2000 babies

LonelyDemon2017-10-18 17:34:43

Yeah, but I also have facts, you wouldn´t kill yourself over this, you´d just be magorly damaged from sadness and anger(I guess but anger doesnt rlly count I guess :/) but still if you were gonna kill your self you wouldn´t have posted this(Or maybe you would) And if u did, that meant u would want us to know you are dead

Bomby2017-10-18 17:32:30

Belivin please, don't do this! This is nothing to kill yourself over! ,=(

LonelyDemon2017-10-18 17:26:21

Dont kill yourself over this(Or cut yourself)

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-18 17:23:19

Belivin! No!

RubyRain2017-10-18 17:22:52


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