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oh hi

ik nobody cares but guess whos doing requests? me, just me. nobody cares. i dont do anthro much anymore i can do hybrid animals n stuff (usually big animals tho im not good with small things)

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Crybaby2019-01-09 18:09:08

*whIPS OFF SaNDAL* excuse me

milliekatterz2019-01-09 17:41:16

by the way my teacher saw that shit i was in 7th period math with railey lmaO we fucking burst out laughing like fucking shit when my teacher read it to the class ''Aiden eating Braxton out- CHLOE'' it was funny as hell they should honestly ban me from laptops at school i'll do paper and pencil but she said my last name which you know but hhhhh ugly fucking kids on my ass theyll find picture of me on google ALSO MY MATH TEACHER FUCKING PUT ME ON FACEBOOK LIKE WTH EXCUSE

milliekatterz2019-01-09 17:36:45


Crybaby2019-01-09 14:58:00

isnt aiden like 28 or something

Crybaby2019-01-09 14:50:01

im concerned but ok

milliekatterz2019-01-09 14:46:45

Aiden eating Braxton out but Aidens a hotdog.

milliekatterz2019-01-09 14:46:15

I have a request

Bomby2019-01-09 04:57:27

ok--make a photo with me n' you as nice buds.

Crybaby2019-01-08 20:03:48

++i might not have the request done till maybe the weekends because school is L iViD with me now especially with people that tie knots to my stomach but yes uh ok thats it gn hope you guys r good

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