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anyone want to talk or Rp?Cause i'm bored and i'm trying to waste some time.

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Grape2016-12-30 14:07:34

(I gtg but i might be back on later.)

Grape2016-12-30 13:51:34

Dolly sank her teeth into the rabbit's flesh,ripping it away from the body she smacked on it.Blood drippd from her chin,she looked up at Sam and smiled at him.Then continued to eat.

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:44:45

Sam was hopping along (cause he's a rabbit) searching for research materials. He happened to look at a doll killing a rabbit with utmost savagery, and his color drained from his face. He almost screamed, but covered his face.

Grape2016-12-30 13:42:18

Dolly quickly stopped in her tracks when she saw a small rabbit,she carefully creeped up to it.Then she pounced digging her fingers into the rabbits throat,she watched as the life from the rabbit drained away.Her mouth slowly opened,blood dripped from her hands.

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:35:19

Behemoth walked towards the lake, deciding to light a cigarette. Yes, he was underage. So what? He was immortal to the stuff anyways, so it wasn't like he was going to die from it. He blew a puff of smoke into the air and kept the cigarette in his mouth as he decided to fly in the air. It was early morning and the sky was dark, so he was pretty obvious in the sky.

Grape2016-12-30 13:31:40

Dolly quickly sat up and walked away from the burning tree swatting out the fire from the ends of her hair.She wondered what his problem was,her joints squeaked as she walked.She was bored there was nothing to do.

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:26:03

Behemoth simply burned the tree behind the doll. He had a somewhat aversion to trees, plants, and life lately anyways. He gave the doll one last glare before heaving a long sigh and continuing down the path, his wings made out of fire, light, and darkness (all in one) lit the way.

Grape2016-12-30 13:22:53

Dolly watched Behemoth,wanting to see what he would do.She thought to herself as she sat there,he reminded her of someone.

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:18:32

Behemoth had his hands put in his pockets as he walked along a dark path, his mouth letting out incoherent grumbles here and there. His eyes looked especially irritated today, and he had a hoodie on that cast a shadow on his face. He continued walking until he spotted a doll-like figure sitting against a tree. He just stared at it, debating on whether to go his way or burn the doll to appease himself.

Grape2016-12-30 13:14:55

Dolly was sitting up against a tree,she was still her hands in her lap.Waiting for someone to find her there.

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:11:21

You can!

Grape2016-12-30 13:08:54

Ok,do you want to go first or do you want me to?

Fernclaw2016-12-30 13:07:37

I could rp!

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