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mmmm I got the ear wig problem again- I just forced myself to go to sleep rip, but anyways how are you guys :,)

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Nightmarebonnie2017-06-12 07:11:46

Oh damn,
That would have really sucked-

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 07:06:11

They would have taken my PS4, Computer, Phone, 3ds, 2ds and yeah

Nightmarebonnie2017-06-12 06:58:26

Oh god wow.
My parents would have taken my tablet and taken my comupter away. But hey, least that didn't happen.

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 06:51:05

they didnt do anything but they would have taken away all my shit even though i bought it all except my phone

Nightmarebonnie2017-06-12 06:47:27

Oh boy, finals they are not fun--
And what did your parnets do? I'm just woundering-

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 06:38:49

yeah im glad too, finals were killing me and i was so close to being dead because of my parents..
if i got an f id be looong gone lmao

Nightmarebonnie2017-06-12 06:37:05

@Mugi Oh damn, that's bad. And I can't say anything rightt-
I'm fine, I had them last year. And you are lucky. ( Also, I'm happy you're back--)

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 06:33:00

jeez that sounds terrible ive never heard of those things. i hope youre okay

i probably dont get them here cause its too cold in this damn state

Nightmarebonnie2017-06-12 06:20:44

It's a bug that's annoying af
Their small, and they get into my bathroom closet, google them-

mugi2017-06-12 06:15:09

hey quick question
tf is a ear wig??? do i even wanna know

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