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Crystalgirl1102017-05-27 18:16:40

I mean i'm pretty sure none of you care if im quitting anyways. I'm mean people are better than me at drawing. I'm proving my style now but im getting better. Im pretty sure none of you guys are gonna pay attention to my messages because I've been offline so much. But I just want to thank you for giving me few potsive comments on my art accounts. But goobye

Crystalgirl1102017-05-27 18:08:36

Does anyone even care that im quitting slimber? I mean i don't need that much attention. Im not no show off. Im not no boaster. Im spitting it out now. Ever since my old account ''Denver Killver''... Im not really proud of those drawings. I wanted to improve my style and see how I can do BETTER! I didn't wanna draw like that forever. I'm trying new things now. Things are changing in my life now. And I decided to make a deadline of quitting slimber :(. I mean im

Crystalgirl1102017-05-27 18:02:56

About time. This is the deadline of quitting slimber. Im saying goodbye. I mean I enjoy drawing but let me get this off of my chest. The reason I haven't been on slimber for so long it's because of school. My studies. My everything. And I haven't gotten to draw on here yet. But After that. I decided to finally make this message because No one seems to really pay attention or comment that much on my art. (I draw bad anyways so whats the point) But really. Does anyone care that i�

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