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simon come back

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dog_naps2016-12-19 14:20:22

freinds fight to much, thats why i don't hang out All together. millie,simon is who im shiped with but maybe kitty wants to just be friends with him. if anything keeps going on where all gonna break up,not be friends,and quit. thats why i don't get on much anymore.

dog_naps2016-12-19 14:16:42

IF YOU FIGHT EACH OTHER ITS NOT MAKING ANYTHING BETTER. honestly i don't know why so many poeple like starting fights,its like you want ice cream but the other person wants some to,so you fight on WHO gets icecream. if you disagree with a person,solve it in a CALM why, its childish to be like that,plus saying you're gonna "hurt" someone who just could live on the other side of the world well.. you can't really hurt them,to me something that hurts most is that all my frie

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-19 08:13:54

Millie kat, I do not care if you have "Changed" But you can not be rude about how my freind feels, SO STOP BEING A JERK-WAD. If you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all, Okay sweeie-pie. :) Or i will hurt you.

millie kat :32016-12-19 07:03:14

p.s dont be a crybaby about it, your overreacting (:)

millie kat :32016-12-19 06:59:23

honesty, you guys are over, and i dont think that should happen again, ships have already started, and if you do anything to make my sister cry, (dog naps is my sister) i will get so much revenge on you. im not that sweet millie from the past honey, ive changed. so f@ck off simon and my sister. <3 -millie

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