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Problems with this site..

ok so i see alot of the same old artstyle in this site and spam too.(comments)

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Nightmarebonnie2018-01-12 11:01:01

my fren but nobody does work in my class**

Nightmarebonnie2018-01-12 10:57:39

tbh i agree
and well, its gets really really annyoing.
like, it just bugs me alot, and the person who puts all of there art on the same page so nobody else can see at least half-way or decent art, they really piss me off, bc what if there is good art, that someone spent alot of time on and they posted it and now nobody can see it bc there are spammers who come up with "oringal art" and "characters."

also also uh i'm in class too, and im supposed to be doing math with m

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-12 10:47:07


QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-12 10:46:32

What i mean on own is well look at my art style for the example it's crappy and ugly but at least it's "unique".The spammng part needs to go away noone needs to see you're art on a whole fucking page.Let other people post jesus fucking christ.Anyways m done i still got alot more to say but m in study hall rn and it's fucking quiet in here so all you can hear is me typing :,).

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-12 10:42:41

Ok so the artstyle is common on this site and it's bugging me.It seems to common somedays i think the same person who made it is posting it even tho it's not because it's a lot of people heck even english speakers too :,).Same with spamming it was funny to see the post i made an hour ago go to the second page like holy fuck.Even tho art style theft is "not" real it sucks to see the same old thing everyday on here :,).If you want to change it you can well develop your own

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