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Wtf, I know what A girlfriend and boyfriend is, I have a boyfriend irl, I am currenlty 15 and can be dark at times. I know about the birds and the bees, It's not coming to that, jesus. I no good draw.

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LegendaryWolf123452017-09-12 15:20:37

oh my lord -_-

BloodDust2017-04-05 15:46:18

My sister -_-

I hate you

solmare2017-03-30 17:04:36

#slimberdrama. anyone?

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 19:25:03

bye ;)

wolfiepaws2017-03-29 18:16:48

oh and your being the bully if theres any bullying at all.

wolfiepaws2017-03-29 18:14:27

shut the F*** up blooddust and stop saying there bullying you,there not. but they could if they wanted to :) "cupcake".

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:53:32

I have not thretend you

No I can't spell so get oused to it, k bu- bye

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:48:15

Have I called you a bad name like you did?
Have I threatened to murder you or punched you in the face?
This is the internet, cupcake. Get used to it.

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:44:47

- 1 'p'

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:44:22

What is that supposed to mean? there's no oppinion here, there is bullying.

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:43:27

Apparently having an opinion is bullying now. I forgot I loved this community.

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:41:33

Pathetic? Please, no. I know your 17 and all, but really, PLEASEEE DON'T GO BULLY RAINPIE THEN ME! It's not worth it. Just please. And I have another account name thing. this is my other one for my male oc

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:36:23

If you didn't want an argument, you wouldn't call me a bastard.
Also-I'm not a controller. It's just in IMO.

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:35:17

if you want me to do things you like, ask.

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:34:53

And no really i'm 15

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:34:23

OHHHHHHHHHHHH You bastard, I don't want to fight here, and holy shit I forgot I wrote about that. And Jesus I'm not showing that shit, oh good lord.

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:34:04

I said nothing about you playing as a ''boy.'' it's natural for people to have other gender oc's.

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:33:33

I'm not sure if you're trying to upper-age me, but it's not working.

BloodDust2017-03-29 17:33:02

I play as a boy because I like to act different

Ravenlyft2017-03-29 17:32:41

Please stop speaking croissant and speak English, please.
If you have a boyfriend in real life, stop trying to get a mate on the internet. I've said nothing about sex (aka the birds and bees, be real here man) I'm just saying it's pretty nasty to have a ''mate!111'' on slimber. Also, your first drawing said ''Pups, maybe?" Guess what, that's sex.

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