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Smaland_Heroes_Maegan2013-08-08 12:06:51

UR ALREADY FORGIVEEEEENNNNN. *Hugs* If ur my sis, den Imma treat ya wif respect. What ever the crud Pandie is to me, Pandie, to me means, OHHOLYFUDGELIKEANAWESOMESIS;u;

hawt dawg. I am being MR. BLABERMOUTH today X'D Look at wut Neonia is posting Pandie, I think u'll find it halarious~

Smaland_Heroes_Maegan2013-08-08 12:04:11

Panda da vampyyy. o3o I not rude. I not making friends. I am evil sometimes. Sometimes not. I am a gurl. Gurls like me r weird. ME. Not u. KingPanda. Ur not a gurl like me. ur not weird. Just me~

SammiVamp2013-08-08 12:03:27

saying I'm forcing you all, or other stuff. = _ =

This is the reason why at times I really don't like having friends, or being the main topic of stuff.

Just forigve the dang girl, and ignore anything that goes wrong. = - ="

-Pandie or whatever the crap I am to you guys.

SammiVamp2013-08-08 12:02:02

= . = Aghh.

Ladeedada and I were never a thing, or an item. I wasn't with her, we were just in a friendship love. Nothing like that guys. I was being sarcastic anywho. - _ -ll

Also, why say I forced you guys to do that. I never did.

I just told you all, if you were rude to Ladeedada, I wouldn't be okay with it cause she's my friend. = 3 = Don't take what I say, and switch it around and make it sound totally different. I'm no mafia leader, for goodness sakes. I serious

Smaland_Heroes_Maegan2013-08-08 12:01:38

Dude. Pandie. Pandieee. I was just thinking out loud. Not going cray cray bonkerz.

K, gurl?~

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