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Reason I Love Dark Things..

Im a God´s child. Im attracted to light..Its interesting(Moth much RainPie? :>). Ever since I was little I have been attracted stronger to darker things because I still see that light. So(Comments)

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LonelyDemon2017-10-27 15:29:50

Lol :D

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-20 17:06:22


LonelyDemon2017-10-20 15:39:43

*Hug Cookie* :3

The_Cute_Cookie2017-10-20 14:01:16


xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-20 13:59:40

*Pats Cookies heat softly (XD)* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

The_Cute_Cookie2017-10-20 13:58:18

*claps* *cies*

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:42:10

How to make me twitch: Yell/Scold me, Say food while Im not looking(Idk I just do at that word ok? ;-;), Make a sound when Im not looking, its letting you know I heard it but wont look at it, Make a true long speech(Teacher only XD), Get mad at me, Make me upset/mad, sing(Yes when someones sings I start twitching ;-;)

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:40:04

Fun fact: I cant hate its naturaly I literally cant hate! :D But honestly I dont think any human can its just they say hate but later egret it but I cant hate thats what I know, Im naturally friednly to even starnger scuz idc there r some nice ppl out there waiting for meh :D...Fun fact 2: I twitch but its natural, I got it from my mom, its a nervous system thing, like if my mom scolds me she twitches because shes mad, and when I get scolded I twitch because Im upset

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:38:09

These are some of my inner secrets that I told u so really my sanity and reputation can be ruined easily so please dont go telling things your not supposed to tell or thigns get bad

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:37:20

ANyways it died down because now kind of noone is allowed to bully me because the conserler afraid it might happen again I guess :/ But I trusing u ppl with this

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:36:24

Then I drew something on a peice of paper and it said..um..IM TRUSTING U PPL..It said the words kill and die..I got caught by consler and she said y chu do dis and I cri because I was scared. Ever since I wa little they though I needed a theripist ;-; Jesus ppl. My parents skipped it at the first oppritunity when I was little so..Welp ur first kistake I needed someone to share my inner thoughts with but no :>

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:34:38


LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:34:17

It soon got to me and I started to not care about myself. So I stopped takign care of certain things my body needed. Part fo why I can do one thing without it hurting. And then as I got older my dark side started to show(5 grade and 6) And it got wrose in 6 grade because I was just HIT by bullies, they were everywhere. I soon started to feel suicidal but I knew deep down inside that I wouldnt kill myself.

Wolf-Berries2017-10-20 13:34:15


LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:31:57

Yep moving on to 3 and 4 grade, I been bullied even though I was bullied my whole life it didnt affect me until I got older and more aware of how people could talk bout u even though you are nto there. It started getting to me because Im an introvert so I never told anyone. I like being silent and keeping things to myself. Its better that way :>

LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:30:44

I always saw the brighter side so I was attracted to it. Then as I grew up(Third grade) That started to fade, so I became a dark one. I started to draw dark things yes a age of 8 wow, and I liked it..But since I was younge I still knew how to keep my mouth shut about certain things. Thats because when Im silent it means Im thinking so I more of an introvert and my head hurts because I think to much and it does ruin my mood when that happens :>

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