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millie kat and wolfie :3










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roleplay in commets! :3

Other drawings by millie kat and wolfie :3

XxSumunfanxX2016-09-10 13:49:04

Simon walks out of the batroom with the sliteist glitch on his tail went away Basiel saw and started to wonder after he kissed millie basiel "Simon is something wrong?" as Simon snapped out of it he glitched for about 2 seconds

XxSumunfanxX2016-09-10 13:46:45

: basiel looked at millie and kissed her :3 :

XxSumunfanxX2016-09-10 13:45:40

Bagel :3 grabed a beer bottle after : : simon goes to the bathroom maybe not to go to the bathroom he might have a secret >:>

millie kat and wolfie :3 2016-09-10 13:25:00

XDD le lonley rp has started :3

XxSumunfanxX2016-09-10 12:15:14

i am here :3

millie kat and wolfie :3 2016-09-10 12:03:22

*millie layed her head on basiels shoulder not noiticing basiel blushed* :simon: ooooooooooooooo :basil: shut the f*** up simon... *millie had fallen asleep on his shoulder* :basil: you want me to make fun of you and kitty then aye..? :simon: please no... :basil: then dont make fun of us. :) *millie snored sofltly* :millie: zzzzzzzzzzzzz......

millie kat and wolfie :3 2016-09-10 11:58:49

*millie grabed a beer bottle and ploped onto the couch and smiled at simon and basiel* what do yall wanna watch..? *she blushed at the thought of falling asleep* *simon screamed out futerama as millie stared to say no basil screamed yes* :basil: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES FUTERAMAAAAAAAAA! .O. *millie laughed* :millie: ok ok!

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