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i feel like that i cant draw today..so i want to do a roleplay

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Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:50:05

(Aww bOI Grape :c)

Grape2016-10-01 09:47:50


Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:47:19

Nightmare heard something in tree. And a yellow glow.... She reilzed it was FireFox. Sitting in a tree looking over all of this happening....

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:44:00

Nightmarebon: Uh nu..... I'm not heh..
She steped alot more forwards to prove it.

Grape2016-10-01 09:41:17

Mercy:Are you afraid of me or something?
They smiled at her.
Teagan growled at them.

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:39:47

Nightmarebon steped back more scared.

Grape2016-10-01 09:34:53

Mercy looked at Nigthmarebon.
Teagan growled as she walked then someone started to walk beside her.
Teagan:Could you leave me alone and stop making my life a living hell?!She screamed at them.

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:33:16


Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:26:58

(Aye Kena you there o3o?)
Nightmarebon steped back with one paw and stoped, Fire heart looked confused and Nightmarebon and about what she was doing...

Grape2016-10-01 09:24:04

Mercy:Hey!She yelled at Teagan she got up and groaned in pain.She looked up to see a little girl dart behind a tree,Mercy shook her head

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:22:01

Nightmarebon saw Mercy on the ground. She wanted to say something but something did not let her..

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:20:04

(Sorry i'm haveing some lag probs .-.)
Nightmarebon: Hey! Kena! She said walking trowed her.

Grape2016-10-01 09:19:31

Teagan looked at Kena and sighed she got up and walked away she shoved Mercy to the ground Mercy fell hard to the ground a loud thud sounded as she fell.

Grape2016-10-01 09:17:06

Mercy walked towards Teagan and Kena.

Kena2016-10-01 09:17:04

kena sighed
she then saw nightmarebon

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:14:24

Nightmarebon was walking Fireheart by her side when she saw Kena and Teagan, She did you know who he (or she lel)-Was...

Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:11:31

(Thanks c:)

Grape2016-10-01 09:10:02


Nightmarebonnie2016-10-01 09:09:41

(May join? ^.^)

Grape2016-10-01 09:07:02

Teagan moved a bit she was having a nightmare she woke up and saw Kena.
Mercy sighed then started to walk she was slowly gaining her powers and strength back.
(That's good and im okay i guess.)

Kena2016-10-01 09:04:25

(im fine i guess)
kena walked until see saw teagan,she backed off a bit

Grape2016-10-01 09:03:02

(Kk also how ya been?)
Teagan was laying against a tree asleep.
Mercy wasn't to far from her,she was looking at the clouds in the sky.

Kena2016-10-01 09:01:20

okie you start

Grape2016-10-01 08:58:07

Hey there,and i'll rp but it won't be long tho.

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