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rp or reqhests?-kena

Other drawings by Kena

Kena2016-09-05 06:57:10


Grape2016-09-05 06:56:34

Hey Kena wanna continue the Rp that we did earlier?

Kena2016-09-05 06:55:29

aww ok bye

Grape2016-09-05 06:55:11

(Aww k)

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:54:54


Grape2016-09-05 06:51:19

Mercy looked at Jelly.
Mercy:Names Mercy,and you are?She said calmly looking at Jelly.

Kena2016-09-05 06:50:53

kenas left ear moved down
kena:so what now?

Kena2016-09-05 06:50:09

kena:oh ok...

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:50:01

"I'm sorry, I dont know who you are." Jelly said, her face blank.

Grape2016-09-05 06:48:52

Mercy:Ehh nothing,just bored just came through here and saw you guys.

Kena2016-09-05 06:47:56

kena sighed

Grape2016-09-05 06:47:12

Mercy calmly walked out from behind some trees,the grass burning underneath her feet.

Kena2016-09-05 06:46:18

kena saw mercy too
kena:mercy?what are you doing?

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:45:20

Jelly turned around, sensing Mercy. "I know someones there, come out." She said, stern.

Kena2016-09-05 06:39:58

kena:nothing really...
she looked at jellys ciggarettes

Grape2016-09-05 06:37:27

Mercy was near them watching quietly.

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:37:17

Jelly hopped down from the tall oak tree, a dirt cloud surrounds her as her feet hit the ground. She puts the pack of ciggarettes into her pocket and pins her hair back. "Anyway, whats up?"

Kena2016-09-05 06:35:50

zalgokenas tail moved a litte
zalgokena:heh..i just wanted to see what you where up too...i will come back later...
she teleport away

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:34:50

(yea i quess)

Grape2016-09-05 06:34:03

(May i join?)

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:31:11

Jelly growled and flicked the burnt ciggarette onto Zalgo Kena's head. "What do you want?" She said and rolled her eyes

Kena2016-09-05 06:29:05

kena was about to say why jelly is smoking until zalgo kena came
kena:well shit...
zalgokena:long time no see?

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:26:23

Jelly puffed out a cloud of smoke, "Hey" she said, bored.

Kena2016-09-05 06:25:03

kena saw jelly

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:22:37

Jelly panted as she ran through the forest, into the old tree she used to hang in. She grabbed a pack of ciggs and lit one, smoking it. "God, finally, away from that bitch.." She said, looking back. She was being chased by a random wolf.

Kena2016-09-05 06:19:58


kena looked around,she sighed

JellyTheLord2016-09-05 06:18:38

yo ill rp

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