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AMPCheetah2016-11-23 13:49:16

Velius rolled his eyes and crouched down at the bottom step, putting his scythe away. He'd tie the shoelaces on his boots from bottom to top and fall against the wall, tired. Velius took off his coat and draped it over himself as a shade. He figured that Spike would get bored eventually and leave.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 13:44:24

Spike shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.
Spike: It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is always subject to change anyways.
Spike realigned himself and started walking around the lab, his eye inspecting every gadget.
Midnight weakly gazed at Sam's hand and quickly sat upright, literally falling on top of Sam.
Midnight: Ugh, my face.
Sam: *hyperventilating* Ahhh, please get off me! Too much contact, too much contact!

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 13:34:11

(Oh nu Fernnn)

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 13:33:02

"Well how was I supposed to know that?" Velius continued to walk down the staircase, scythe in hands.
"You are?" He'd ask, his quiet voice hardly audible. Strands of his dyed black hair fell in front of his mask.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 13:32:56

This was weird. How did she return to normal? That spell wasn't destined to wear off until 10 years. So, how did it so quickly revert? Her heart was steady, and her eyes were their normal color. Did something happen? Did she... remember? Suddenly, a dark thought hit him in the head. Her soul was there for the taking. He could easily prevent the invasion Behemoth spoke of so vividly. He could save so many lives, by taking her life. It was a battle between logic and morals.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 13:29:16

Spike was leaning against the wall, his stolid eyes staring at the wall. They were unfocused, and dull. However, his appearance would make him look like a normal teenager.
Spike: I wasn't gonna hurt them.
His voice was as monotonous as his eyes. Meanwhile, Sam set Midnight to an IV and stablilized his state, while he looked over Fern, who was unconcious. Her soul...it was free. Unlike earlier, her state had completely returned to normal.

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-...where is it..?" he'd talk to himself, slowly walking down the flight of stairs once more and taking out the diassembled scythe in his pocket.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 13:21:54

(OH IS IT SPIKE?) Velius saw Cosmic staring at something, and immediately noticed where it was. He walked down the stairs and scooped her up, walking slowly back up the steps. "Okay," he'd mumble, "you guys are going in this room. I don't know if that thing's dangerous or not." He picked up Trick and Star on the way to an alchemy-esque room and placed them on a rug. He pushed all the tables and anything dangerous to the side before closing them in. "Okay.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 13:12:48

Cosmic jumped down from the couch and crawled over to where the intruder was. She stared at him with her blood-red eyes, and he stared back with his one yellow eye. She just stared, while her siblings got into a fight upstairs. Meanwhile, Fern finally reached Sam's place. She slowly knocked on the door, and Sam opened the door. He was suprised to see Fern, strangely normal. She explained why she was there and laid Midnight down on the laboratory bed.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 13:07:10

Velius winced, his eyes showing confusion. He was obviously just as surprised as Midnight. "Okay, sure..." He took the kits out of Obeyda's arms. Obeyda smiled at him, then turned to Fern. "No problem, good luck." She waved to the two of them as they left, and as soon as Velius shut the door, she swiveled around. "Somebody's here." She'd whisper.
Velius put the kits on the couch and went upstairs. What did he know about caring for kids?

Fernclaw2016-11-23 13:02:22

Fern looked slightly dejected, but she smiled.
Fern: Could you take in Sally's kits until you see her? She'll be looking for them.
Fern seemed to have no problem leaving three kits within Velius's reach. Midnight chuckled weakly at that.
Fern: Obeyda, I'll take Midnight to Sam's lab. Thank you so much for helping.
Fern nodded, and started on her way. However, someone was watching the conversation very closely nearby.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:58:40

Velius sighed. "I actually think he was heading either to the canyon or to town, but I'm not sure. I honestly think he would be by the canyon though since that's usually his first resort." He'd tilt his head, wondering if that was enough information. He swept his blondish hair to the side, his boney figure and deformed legs making him look odder than ever. "Is that all you need to know?

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:49:55

Fern rolled her vibrant eyes as she elbowed Velius playfully.
Fern: When is it not?
Midnight stiffened, realizing that she didn't remember what she...did. Fern felt this movement and decided to quickly find Stacey.
Fern: Is Stacey at home? To be frank, I felt like I haven't seen him in forever! But overall, we need to see him.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:45:29

Velius opened the door, his usual "solemn-face" setting a gloomy mood, as it always does. "Who almost died this time?" He mumbled, clearly annoyed. His grey, impassive eyes drifted from Midnight, to Fern, the kits, then to Obeyda. "Jeez Behemoth again?" He'd ask, a rare hint of sympathy in his tone.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:40:01

(Oh okay XD)
Fern put Midnight on her back(noitsnotawkward) and nodded a reassuring smile as she walked towards Stacey.
Fern: Don't worry, I'll lead you to him. He can check Midnight, and perhaps myself over, and make sure Sally receives her kits. He's a good person, so I'm suprised you haven't heard of him!
Fern continued making light conversation as she walked towards Stacey's lab.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:33:00

Obeyda walked forward and picked up the kits. "Yes, I'm fine. But who's Stacey?" (She's met Stacey before but she doesn't know his name)

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:31:32

Obeyda touched brushed her bow with her "wings" to gain human hands. She assumed that this reunion had a backstory, and that she'd better go to the lake and give them time. The awkwardness so far in this dismal, rainy day was not of her liking. Why did she get into this again?

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:29:21

Midnight: I... missed you.
Fern hugged him back, hauling him to his feet. She mentioned to Obeyda that they should probably carry the kits to Stacey.
Fern: We'll talk about this later, Midnight. Obeyda, you're okay, right?

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:27:55

Fern wiped her eyes and turned to Obeyda with those familiar, green eyes.
Fern: The name's Fern, and it's nice to meet you. Even if it's not the most... pleasant time. Haha. But don't worry, there probably was nothing you could. However, at least everyone is okay. Right... M-Midnight?
Midnight turned his head slowly towards Fern and realized there was a different aura around her: a free, loving, and familiar soul. His eyes shot open and he hugged her deeply, his eyes waterin

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:25:15

(Okie and sorry that was late)

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Obeyda gasped with exhaustion and looked at Fern. "Sorry. My name's Obeyda. What's your name?" Her voice was quiet and airy--her head turned down to the ground, suggesting that she was somewhat shy. "I had no idea what to do."
She began to walk over to Midnight and the kits.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:22:06

Fern took a deep breath and ran to Midnight and the kits, making sure they were alright. She cradled Midnight's battered face into her hands. Even though he did not take any blast or start fighting, his face looked horrible. She felt her eyes water as he slowly opened those blue eyes of his. (Both of her eyes are green btw, the spell wore off for a specific reason to be told later this rp) This was the second time she saw him after being evil. (Go to Wattpad, I need to explain something.)

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:19:20

Behemoth almost got hit, but he just barely dodged, stumbling to the ground. He quickly got up, and glared at the two ladies. He wouldn't dare attack them both, even though it might be fun. He had to observe them later. He had lost a powerful asset today, and Tempus might scream at him if he tried. He would be stronger, just not today. He let out a quick huff and message before teleporting away.
Behemoth: Watch your back. I wouldn't advise being so calm when Im on your trail.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:16:14

(Nah you can still rp ^.^)
Obeyda got up, her eyes dizzy. "Hey.." She murmured, looking up at Fern hesitatly. She looked from side to side and got back up, brushing herself off. However, instead of running away from Behemoth's attacks, she ran right into one after Fern had pulled her away. Her hands absorbed the magic and she mirrored it right back at Behemoth. The recoil of the shot made her stumble back; but she remained standing.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:12:05

Behemoth rushed at Fern, knocking her down. Fern was pushed into Obeyda, accidently knocking her down. Fern helped Obeyda up, apologizing quickly with a smile. The old Fern was definately back.
Fern: Oh! Sorry. Who are you?
Fern quickly pulled Obeyda out of the way before Behemoth blasted another fireball at the pathway. (Sorry if Im bad at rping, it's been awhile XD)

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:09:22

(late whoops ;>)
Obeyda gasped but didn't move. She decided to try something new.
Obeyda took in a deep breath, her "wings hands" outstretched toward her target, Behemoth. Suddenly the magic that he had almost used surrounded her "fingers." She winced, hardly able to handle it. What was this?

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 12:06:06

Obeyda felt tremendously awkward standing near all this chaos, mostly because she didn't know any of these people, and also because she didn't know how long she'd be standing there, carrying the distressed kits. She inched away once more.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 12:05:56

Trick nudged at her with his cheek, his blue eyes watching Fern jump in front of Behemoth, with a certain awe sparkling within them. Star only growled as she played with her paws, and Cosmic just stared at the sky with her solemn eyes. However, Trick then suddenly ran to Midnight. The other two kits, followed soon after. Behemoth looked at them with distaste and was about to blast them, when Fern screamed and had a green light and force emit from her soul, pushing Behemoth back.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 11:57:35

Obeyda winced at the scream, and began to get stressed. She stayed put where she was, a few meters from the scene, completely clueless on what to do with the kits. She'd inch way a little bit--resisting the urge to run.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 11:56:59

Fernclaw in the meanwhile felt her eyes change to half red, half green, and she watched this scene in utter disgust and anxiety. As Midnight's screams grew louder, she shook her head and jumped down and pushed Behemoth away. The pain diminished and Midnight fell to his knees, coughing up blood. Fern took a defensive stance in front of him and snarled at Behemoth, her hair breaking from it's ponytail and flowing like it usually did. Behemoth stared in shock and then growled.

Fernclaw2016-11-23 11:54:07

Behemoth started to press his hand to Midnight's back, beginning his ominous chant. Midnight struggled, seeing the kits being taken off. He tried to lunge for them but Behemoth held him in check.
Midnight: This is really gay, Behemoth. Haha...
Midnight weakly chuckled before feeling something light up on his back and then a burning sensation pervading his whole body. Then, unimaginable pain seemed to pump through his blood and he screamed in agony.

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 11:48:06

Obeyda's pale blue eyes widened as she tried to circumvent the situation. There was a very slim chance that she could help Midnight; so she stooped down and gathered the confused kits in her arms, backing away. She would return them, but for now they would be safe. Obeyda proceeded to think; was there anything else to do?

AMPCheetah2016-11-23 11:45:23

(Okie I'll leave off)

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(I gtg, we can continue this?)

Fernclaw2016-11-19 16:36:37

(It's fine XD) Midnight was suddenly grabbed by the back of his shirt, the kits plopping on the ground. He was held high into the air, before brought down onto the ground, hard. Midnight grunted, his head feeling light-headed. He sat there dizzily, while the kits stood there in shock, frozen practically. Behemoth then ripped off the back portion of Midnight's shirt, revealing his weakness point.
Behemoth: Just wanted to try something, heh-heh.
Midnight: Fern's gonna kill you, I sw

AMPCheetah2016-11-19 16:31:49

(whoops that was a little late Cx)

AMPCheetah2016-11-19 16:31:16

(Oml "leggo")
Obeyda shifted into her normal self, in an awkward position on the ground. She stumbled, trying to stand up, the bumpy terrain throwing her off balance for the moment.
Obeyda eventually figured it out and stood up, backing into a tree. She figured that this little mishap might be better though, giving Midnight a small chance to escape while Behemoth was distracted.

Fernclaw2016-11-19 16:27:55

He clutched the kits tightly to him and pushed Behemoth off with a water shield. He then started to run, but accidently tripped. He fell on his back, trying to avoid any harm to the kits.
Behemoth: You puny mortal. Stay still so I can mutilate you!
Midnight: Pft, you wish. Fern's gonna kick your butt once she hears about this. Your spell on her or whatever evil stuff you've got going on isn't gonna last on her. And you should really find a new hobby other than harming kits and mys

Fernclaw2016-11-19 16:25:19

Behemoth snarled at Obeyda (the squirrel) and slightly kicked her out of his way. Midnight narrowed his eyes and tried to walk over to make sure the squirrel was okay, but Behemoth clutched onto Midnight's shoulder tightly... too tightly.
Midnight: Hey what gives, man? Leggo!

AMPCheetah2016-11-19 16:08:28

Obeyda, (the squirrel), looked up, unable to move for the moment. Would she help? Could she..? She ran a little bit closer to Behemoth's feet, looking up at him and Midnight with slight traces of confusion. Obeyda didn't believe that Behemoth would go out of his way to hurt a squirrel..but most definetly Midnight. She would interrupt, but her jejune mind just wanted to know a little more.

Fernclaw2016-11-19 16:02:38

Midnight swatted the bush away, revealing Sally's kits. He swiftly went to pick them up in his arms, despite their protests.
Midnight: Sally's kits! She would never leave them like this. God, what are you three trouble-makers doing in a bush?
He ushered them in his arms, but suddenly he felt a firm, forceful hand land on his shoulder. He turned round to see Behemoth staring down, his eyes filled with a piercing, dark aura.

AMPCheetah2016-11-19 15:55:16

(Okay good luck ;P)

AMPCheetah2016-11-19 15:55:03

A squirrel scampered over to the mewling sound. She nestled herself into a bush, waiting until someone else noticed them. She usually noticed everything around the forest...there normally wasn't a single thing that didn't catch her attention. Not that Obeyda watched everyone--it just seemed that she couldn't avoid activity. Obeyda stared at the kits, not daring to morph into her original form for fear of startling them.

Fernclaw2016-11-19 15:52:02

(Sorry for the pause, Im doing homework at the same time :P)

Fernclaw2016-11-19 15:50:16

Midnight's eyes widened in bewilderment as he held his head, puzzled. He called out to the kid, and he searched frantically around, seeing no sight of the kid.
Midnight: What the? Kid, where'd you go?
He looked in the direction of the purple eyes, but realized that they were now gone. Funny. Midnight called out again, his shouts muffled by the pattering of the rain. Then suddenly, he heard a mewling. He grew disturbed, but went to discover the source of the mewlings.


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