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saving godzilla,crow's alive

a shadows revenge idea change instede of the happy tree friends coming with us timon and pumbaa are going with us,gtg

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gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-03-02 16:12:43

okay okay don't worry i'm making changes and adding new ideas i didn't like the pacman idea anymore so i'm changing it to something else who knows it might be happy tree friend's

Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-03-02 15:23:35

his ****


Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-03-02 15:23:20

I really wanted everyone to meet the HTF'S, But nice twist!

I wonder if Crow will find her sister.

I wonder if Godzilla will be safe.
i wonder too much.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-03-02 11:03:27

also the pacman adventure idea might be scrapped and replaced with kena and friends also going to the underworld because i'm making monster students because kena is gonna be a mentor in the third seer and she might never go home to her cartoon and video game friends in toon town

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-03-02 10:58:12

okay so the htf's aren't going with us insted timon,pumbaa,jeff the spider and fred fredburger are and one is going to live in the underworld with godzilla now that he's the gem of friendship

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