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Sea Demons

Alone in the dark ocean, he waits.

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NightStar2017-04-30 18:10:06

( lol i'm drawing the scene where the demon pulls Rainpie into the water )

RainPie2017-04-30 18:09:22

Bruno-*Remembers what the Demon said about being back* O.O

RainPie2017-04-30 18:07:59

*Before it gets heated they stop*

RainPie- I have to get going, i'll see you later

Bruno-Ok, see you later

RainPie-Later *walks off in to the forest*

Bruno-*Walks off in the forest in oppisite direction*

NightStar2017-04-30 18:07:13

Demon: *Growls deeply once he wakes up, he stares at Bruno with pure hate before swimming deep down* - He says in a scary voice, "I will be back.."

RainPie2017-04-30 18:06:34

Bruno-You don't know em but I know you, i'm Bruno

RainPie-*Sits up*Hi..what happend?

Bruno- There's a wter demon that lives in this pond and you didn't know it's not your fault but it grabbed you and tried to drown you but I kocked it out and got you to the surface in time

RainPie-W-what!? Nevermind that, thank you so much!

Bruno-*Blushes*It's nothing rea-

RainPie-*Kisses on the muzzel*

Bruno-*Blushes bright red*

Bruno-*Kisses back deeply*

RainPie2017-04-30 18:01:29

of oxygen*

Bruno-*Running to the pond* RAINPIE

RainPie-*Is passed out but can hear a tom voice*

Bruno-*Jumps in pond and swims uickly to the demon*(Through the water)GET AWAY FROM HER!

Demon-*Lets go and comes at Bruno*

Bruno-*Dodges demon and hits him in the neck to knock him out for a moment*

Bruno-*Grabs RainPie and swims toward the surface*

Bruno-*Takes RainPie out of water* RainPie! RainPie are you ok!? Can you hear me!?

RainPie-*Flutters eyes open*W-who are you...?

NightStar2017-04-30 17:59:31

Oh geez! Bad Demon! Bad! >:(

RainPie2017-04-30 17:58:02

RanPie- (Before she meet with Bruno)-*Walks throught he forest and stops at a pond**Sighs and sits down*

Demon-*Makes the water start to bubble*

RainPie-*Looks down at pond and tilts head*Huh?

Demon-*Pops wings out*

RainPie-*Jumps but doesn't scream*

Demon-*Jumps out and grabs RainPie and drags her into water*

RainPie-*Tries to get free but can't and struggles to breath*

Demon-*Is still dragin RainPie down, smirking at her fear and lack of oxygen*

RainPie-*Passes out from lack

NightStar2017-04-30 16:11:55

His wings are supposed to be popping up from the water, but i kinda struggled with it :<

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