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listen i was tryin to get rid of this draw bc it was bothering me but then it wouldn't update the image so there's no point and so now we have to look at this bad boy some more

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Yaoi2016-09-14 16:10:07


sparkledesu2016-09-14 16:08:04

i love you too

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:42:07

good luck with it, I have to go eat now but I'll be back in a bit. i'm working hard to get my stuff back by tonight, so when I get it back lets try not to talk about this and stuff. I love you! and if we don't talk again I hope you sleep well <3

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:38:41

I believe in you!! I think you'll probably get it

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:36:26

homework? gotta lot due on friday. also i bid $50+ on the suit to see how serious the bidders were and then they went up higher. like lmao as if sweatypie, you haven't seen my ~final form (of money)~

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:32:54

what sort of stuff?

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:31:35

yeah, idk. i gotta get a lot of stuff then. but thank you

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:31:02

i'll make sure to talk to you tomorrow

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:29:18

and what i meant by "it's not about you" was that the whole "i had a bad day too" anger thing just made it worse. i meant like it's not about your feelings rn i was just really upset. i'm sorry for not being able to handle extra upset people rn. i love you too.

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:28:28

sorry again

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:28:18

you are the bestest

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:27:15

I love you, sorry for being a poo

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:27:01

i just wanted to get it out. i'm fine now. no need to continue the cycle of anger rn

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:26:57

im sorry I just got scared

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:26:02

like i get you had a bad day or something but just adding it to my issues doesn't help. the most we can do is try to be comforting and just not take it out on each other.

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:25:43

you were just being very vague and I didnt know

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:23:53

please i notice you do this thing a lot where if i'm upset you make it about you and it just makes it worse so,,,, please just stop obsessing over it

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:23:26

who then?

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:23:19

okay, sorry

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:22:45

this,,,,, literally isn't about you omg

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:22:10

sorry for being upset

sparkledesu2016-09-14 15:22:00

i mean yeah it was bothering me but-

Yaoi2016-09-14 15:21:33

It's fine

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