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Slimber Challenge!- Fernclaw

So I was watching this anime (Hetalia) lately and it sorta inspired a challenge. More info on the challenge will be in the comments but I was hoping that this would be a way to bond with artists. :)

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LonelyDemon2017-10-20 13:44:24

Im in :D

Bomby2017-10-20 11:48:56

Im in.

Fernclaw2017-06-22 19:36:36

Yeyeye more people!!! :D

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-22 19:33:04

im in
its in my nature and my name

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-06-22 18:44:50

Hi Fern!And i might do it but it depends.

Fernclaw2017-06-22 18:26:35

Aaaa okay!!

AMPCheetah2017-06-22 16:59:30

I might join but we all know that Amp lacks motivation to start/finish things so we'll see what happens. ;>

Fernclaw2017-06-22 14:23:43

I'm glad to have you on board. :)

Nightmarebonnie2017-06-22 14:17:08

sounds cool!
I'll join- :>

Fernclaw2017-06-22 14:14:46

//OOOOoo and also, if you want, you can include the embarrasing picture if you want to ;0//

Fernclaw2017-06-22 14:14:23

Basically, imagine your oc(s) have been blackmailed with an embarrassing photo and now they have to dress up as something humiliating. Draw your oc(s) in a humiliating outfit! :D Honestly just have fun with this and you can do as many ocs as you want! And if we get enough people, I am willing to do a group pic of all the ocs in their outfits! ^-^ Anyways, you can draw chibi or your normal style, whatever floats your boat. Alrighto- I think that's all. If you have any questions just ask me!

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