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Slimber used to be a fun and vibrant place.

Then years passed, the sun rose up and dawned on a new age, an age in which Slimber had met its darkest and most tragic time. The buildings collapsed, flowers, plants and trees died..

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EmperorBomb2017-11-07 09:28:21

And a few humans were found as well, they were also females, a guardian of stars and your standard teen. All the males are still on this island but they rarely show themselves now. So all Tim has now are girls to help him in his adventure to become an average animator.

Belivin2017-11-07 09:07:52

im 11

The_Cute_Cookie2017-11-07 09:06:09

well...idk why

EmperorBomb2017-11-07 07:35:41

Each wolf's personality differed from another.

- One was playful and excited having swift but uncommon mood swings.
- Another was a laid back dark grey cat that gave Tim good company now and again.
- Another Wolf had a liking for things resembling pink petals..
- This black and white one disliked being away from the group but had to carry out tasks.
There were 3 more, but Tim dosen't know where they have gone.

EmperorBomb2017-11-07 07:22:02

Then, there was this little teen, a boy, mild-blue haired male hiding in a refridgerator. A thirteen-year-old named Tim, exited the cooler to see if anyone survived, sadly most of his friends had 'left'. Tim started to tear-up by the sight of his hometown being in ruins and dirt. Much to Tim's surprise, their was another survivor, not a human being, but what seemed to a wolf, 7 of them to be exact, also happening to be females as well. Tim befriended all 7 wolfs.

EmperorBomb2017-11-07 07:11:28

Blood, everywhere..skulls, bones, gore. All that were left were kids..young kids, ones that could not provide an simplistic art skill at the time. Most of the residents of Slimber-Town had managed to escape with their very lives, while the remaining inhabitants of the ruined located have been isolated on a now deserted island. People who have fleed the island have came back for visits and fun, but they couldn't stay for long. Many recent isolated victims have already died off and perished.

EmperorBomb2017-11-07 06:54:39

There was this enormous dust wave comeing to devour everything in sight and nearly all souls had time to prepare for the incoming possible demise. All were trembling in fear, torture, tears, as they had not dealt with a situation like this in the past. Children, Teenagers, Adults, were all panicking, scurrying around to find protection. Emotions were deeply expressed, deaths occured before the impact, Soon, it was too late, the dust wave swallowed the town whole. It was truly devisating.

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