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So... >;/

I found a YouTube animator who has the same RainPie design as me. And K see what year she joined and I made RainPie WAY before she joined YouTube as an animator. Now she may or may not know me but...

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RainPie2017-12-28 19:12:50

I forgot but I think I know how to look her up cuz her video with an Oc that looked like RainPie is in my history so I can go get the name

Belivin2017-12-28 11:38:16

who is the youtuber

RainPie2017-12-28 06:17:56

Not that I'm going to sue her, I'm going to report her. It's going to be my first time because I don't report people, it's wrong. But if I have to beside of this, I will! >:'(

RainPie2017-12-28 06:16:57

I'm a kid! I don't think I have the right to sue ppl yet...

RainPie2017-12-28 06:16:15

was also made in 2015 like most of my hidden Oc's that K don't talk to you about! I Mae GrapeStream(RainPie's original real pup) in 2016 and BrambleKit was made 2015! I swear I'm going to start telling if I see copyers. People copying me is a number one fear that I have of losing my possessions and what I stand for. Please don't copy me it's already hard.

RainPie2017-12-28 06:14:14

She needs to back off because that's WAY too close to my Copywrite Oc RainPie and all my Oc's and Art ks Copywrite and her of is literally white with a lime green like mine and in the same design of my Copywrite Oc! And I'm a kid so it makes it harder for me because I feel like people will think I'm copying when she joined two years after I made my Oc! Yes I made RainPie in 2015 but I didn't know about Slimber yet I was not on Roblox then K came here with OrangePie who w

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