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so much to do,so little time

update and request for alaia

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gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 14:12:07

uh okay

Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-07-26 14:04:56

virus and robo are somehow siblings, as they call it. since virus created robo, in thier eyes.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 14:03:11

i geuss i mean crows already in the story so i might as well i do have a robot character after all

Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-07-26 14:02:38

http://slimber.com/gallery/image/virus:g570701.html http://slimber.com/gallery/image/robo:g571392.html

Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-07-26 14:01:21

so, uhh, how's life? also, crow has a few new buddies! If you see my art, a new character, Virus and Robo, were introduced. you may add them in if you'd want.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 14:01:12

the next drawing is gonna be a teaser called (fire and ice)

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 13:58:52

theres gonna be a ton of new monsters,a whole bunch of new worlds,kena and the gems can bend elements,golly and dolly and those guys are gonna have an importaint role in the seer along with the roadkill and devin is gonna be in the seer 4 i wanted devin in the seer for a while and now hes in

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 13:54:34

oh hey its over happy yet how are you

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 13:51:15

i've been going through some personal real life stuff dealing with family and friends and in september school senior year gonna graduate this year and those come first slimber is just a hobby i do during my spare time you know me i do about 2 drawings a day and the seer 4 is the finally so president trump if you may. donald trump:its gonna be huge! me:thanks donald. donald trump:no prob.

Its_Over_Happy_Yet2017-07-26 13:46:36


gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 13:43:37

update:the seer 4 the quest for freedom and super smash chronicals might be released a little bit late then their original release dates and there are reasons behind it (also if you don't know the lady is a character in little nightmares)

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-07-26 13:39:23

request:can you please draw you with freddy,follower,mama,bendy,spooky,the lady and the neighbor thank you,okay now for the update

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