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Some Math...

Comment and tell me what the you think the answer is!!

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EmperorBomb2017-05-10 12:46:31

I'm ashamed that i cheated at a contest..

200 or 200.5 is my estimate.

McSlimber2017-04-14 19:05:48

You are wrong. Also, I appreciate it if you dont talk to me or my friends or a complete stranger like that online.
The exclamation DOES make sense because it means factorial.
OBVIOUSLY, you are not old enough to understand it.

figure out 5!

THis means: 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1

? idek2017-03-30 19:44:35

STUPIDhead mcslimber, aleena, and kamila!!! MY calcoolator says that its 2.77906976744!! WHICH IT IS! and why did u put an exklamation mark after the four doesn't make sense so I just took it out and did +3 and kamila u were only a little bit off bcuz we both got 2

but mcslimber and aleena go get new calculators are you poor and getting cheap calculators I bet you are mcslimber bcuz i lookt at ur drawing indean princess and ur indean indeans r poor

McSlimber2017-03-26 14:13:32

WRONG Aleena.

It is 22.4651163

I used a calculator.

Both of you are wrong

Aleena2017-03-24 17:20:20

WRONG! It's 22.7790697674. Btw I didn't use a calculator. Btw I'm going to punish you...

Kamila2017-03-21 22:59:31

It's 2.78
and yes, I did use a calculator, what are ya going to do about it huh?? ;)

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