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"Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid, OrangePie.."

I saw him do it..I saw him kill her..He killed her..He killed mommy..He looks at me..He is coming towards me..Is in near me..*Tears up*..Help..

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MapleSyrup2018-10-19 15:52:44


RainPie2017-09-09 21:26:00


LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 18:16:15

Omg this is getting fishy XD

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 16:16:49

rubs neck with her paw, where DemonLime bit her, and left a scar were he healed her*

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 16:15:11

eyes fly open, and watches DemonLime fly away*

RainPie2017-09-09 15:40:33

DemonLime- *Comes back to heal Legendary and flies away*

RainPie2017-09-09 15:40:08

(Oki come bak when u done btw Legendary I suscribed to meh friend CookiePelt) (Duh she right here XD)

RainPie2017-09-09 15:39:42

DemonLime- *He stays silent, watching the scared she wolf cry* *He looks away, leaving a white rose* *Flies away*

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 14:11:48

Guys i have to stop the roleplay (NOOOOOO) im about to make a youtube vid :3

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 14:08:51

CookiePelt: OMG!! Legendary!! *Sees Blood. CookiePelt: IDK WHAT TO DO IF WE DON't THINK FAST YOUR GOING TO.... DIE!! *Starts to cry.

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 14:06:05

Legendary: lies on the floor, blood surrounding her* (AHH!)

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 13:56:37

CookiePelt: OrangePie are you ok!!??

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 13:55:36

coughs up blood*

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 13:55:08

Eyes grow dim and screams in pain*

RainPie2017-09-09 13:48:48

DemonLime- *SNickers* Heh, that's what I thought..*Walks off*

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 13:46:43

*Growls louder CookiePelt......IM.....*doesn't know what to say

RainPie2017-09-09 13:41:41

DemonLime- *Lets her go* *Walks up to Cookie* And what are u gonna do about it Mutt >:(

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 13:32:09

CookiePelt: HEY!! DON"T DO THAT TO MY FRIEND!! *Growls At DemonLime.

DemonLime2017-09-09 13:30:24

DemonLime- *Grabs Legendary* *Holds her bridal style* What if I do this? *Bites Legendary's neck*

DemonLime2017-09-09 13:29:21

(XDD) DemonLime- *Hisses in pain*

TheCute_Cookie2017-09-09 13:27:18

YEA ORANGEPIE!! *Sees what is happening...... CookiePelt: ummm are you ok OrangePie?? *sees DemonLime getting closser... CookiePelt: LET GO OF OrangePie YOU MONSTER!!! DemonLime: What are you going to do about it runt! CookiePelt: THIS!! *Scratches DemonLime's Face. CookiePelt: NOW GO!! DemonLime:*runs (XDDD what is live XDDDDD!!!)

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-09 13:23:12

Hears OrangePie*

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