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Something I need to talk about-- Desc

A ll righty. So you guys know the Lust x (My mascot ) WEL P the thing is-- I do like them, but I'm just saying. PLease do not put them on anything else than Slimber. ( I know- comments

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Olivia2017-05-20 07:17:52

Don't worry about me.I don't have facebook,twitter,and whatnot... even if I talked about it at school my friend will be like "What are you talking about". Besides...It would be really rude to spill someone's secrets...(well exept Arlene(at me school)she deseves it, she's sassy,annoying,and I have a feeling she won't even care if I fell of a cliff).

Lust is not dead2017-05-19 17:18:07


Lust is not dead2017-05-19 17:17:25

I know their on google, but please keep it to Slimber. Half of my class mates call me a sinner, and for my age, not great. and I haven't gotten around to telling my parents about Lust, but I have let detail's slip-- but really it should just stick to Slimber and Slimber ONLY. ( Like I said I know their on google put yeah. ) but like animo, twiiter, facebook or whatever keep it off there, i don't want anybody else to call me a sinner . I don't sin-- but main ponit keep it on

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