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Stop Abusing Animals

Abuse to animals must stop.They didn't do anything to us humans to deserve this. They only kill us because they are afraid of us and because humans keep killing them.You would feel the same way.

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RainPie2017-01-28 23:22:55

They are hurting everyday and no one cares, but I care and so does my friend CreepyPastasProxyFun and xxCOOKIEPELTxx and one day me and my friends will TRY to END this suffering of animals and we will at leasr one day try to make a new law that stops the abuse of animals and ends their suffering. I hope you'll join me...

RainPie2017-01-28 23:20:21

will risk my life for any animals see. And you should too. Hpw would you feel if you were an innocent animal who was caught by humans to be tortured and hurt their whole lives? How would you feel if you were a baby animal and got left behind by your parents? Hpw would you feel if you were a nice animal who loved humans until one came up to you and dragged you by your neck? How would you feel if you were a pet and got abused by your owner for doing nothing? That sis what animals are going throu

RainPie2017-01-28 23:17:24

They might have hurt you but it's only because they are scared and they dont know what else to do to get you to back off. You don't know if your hurting an animal that has been abandoned by his or her mother or father and you don't know if they have lost lots of family members. You never know the sad things animals are going through. And we live in houses but they live outside were there could be natrual disasters and they can die while we escape but no, I will risk my life for an

RainPie2017-01-28 23:13:40

Plz stop hurting animals because if u have a pet that you abuse then plz stop because you don't know if they had a sad life way before they became your pet, and you don;t know if they have been abused their whole life even before they had you in their lives. And you don't understand why animals kill us, it's because they are trying to survive away from us because they are afraid of us because you keep taking their innocent lives and they did nothing.

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