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strange dreams?

whats the strangest dream you've ever had? I'll put mine in the comments :]

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Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-05-30 08:42:03

Once a had a real werid dream
I was in a PE class but my music teacher, was teaching PE? Anyways but I was wearing that cosplay jacket to school, andmy fren huter was like " Really? " and I said " Yep." And tugged on the jacket a bit. Then I fell off the couch, and woke up. I HAD NO CLUE WHAT HAPPEND LMAO-

mugi2017-05-29 23:57:42

aaand this was my house (dont ask why i know what all the rooms were, i just know)

mugi2017-05-29 23:49:17

this is the sewer where the rat boss was

mugi2017-05-29 23:43:06

so heres the cave at the beginning that i mentioned i would draw

mugi2017-05-29 23:29:52

then i woke up
it was an intense dream LOL

mugi2017-05-29 23:29:25

he disappears from sight as i struggle, expelling spells trying to hit the soldiers holding me while sobbing

mugi2017-05-29 23:28:10

by now, me, my mother, and my brother are crying
they push my dad out and my brother reaches out to use magic to try and stop them
two soldiers hold him back
i manage to escape through the door despite the soldiers trying to grab me too
i reach out to my dad as he looks back
a hand grabs my arm and i was so close to grabbing my dads coat but was pulled back

mugi2017-05-29 23:25:48

i open it and a bunch of people push forcefully past me, making me fall over
one of those is that king
its the royal military and the king
my brother helps me up and we step back, hand in hand
they push my dad to the ground
the king explains that my dad is to be executed for some stupid reason i dont remember why

mugi2017-05-29 23:23:28

this kid looks like me (red eyes, black hair yeah)
it clicks that this is my family. the kid was my twin brother
i run up to my dad and he picks me up happily
he lets me down to talk to my brother whle i walk to my mother
suddenly, someone knocked on the door (more like pounded)

mugi2017-05-29 23:21:39

i freak out as she calls for guards and i get chased everywhere until im knocked out or something idk everything goes dark
when i open my eyes, im in a bed. im a kid (still has black hair and red eyes, not me irl) and i hear a door opening. i get out of bed and go into the next room and a man walks in. he looks like Maes Hughes (but with red eyes lol). i look over and see a lady who looks like Yasuko Takasu. I look over and see a kid my age (which was about 7 in this part)

mugi2017-05-29 23:16:16

so i was like okay
then i got teleported to the side of the castle when i was apparently supposed to be IN the castle
i walk around trying not to be caught by guards
idk why but i wanted into this room up some stairs but i got caught by a lady walking down the stairs

mugi2017-05-29 23:05:14

so i get approached by another player boasting about getting a stegosaurus mount (which was rare i guess) but i equipped my pterodactyl mount (which was like a legendary mount idk all i know was that it was better than the stegosaurus) and rode away //majestically// into a tunnel nearby
then i unquipped my mount and walked around through all these tunnels. it was.
strange. they all lead to different rooms n other tunnels.

mugi2017-05-29 23:01:06

so mine started out in like an rpg or something idk
i was in a castle/dungeon/cave thingy i might draw it or something
i was a male and looked like this sorta https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/69/7c/e6/697ce6bfe349a2817eb29c51532f5007.png
but with armor

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