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xLegendaryWolfx2017-12-16 11:04:59

Olivia, you're the one that's being immature, stop being a greedy bitch, and shut the fuck up. I love Gremlin's art, and he has inspired me ever since I was on Slimber. You're the one that's being annoying, Olivia, stop being so judgemental.

Dogesrock2017-12-06 19:28:33

no offense olivia but, gremlins is not immature i luv all of his drawings i've been looking at his but u, u draw alota ponies n sometimes warrior cats and u also change ur oc's everyday u also copied alota ppl don't get too childish now k olivia n he doesn't rate himself on his art it's just the way he draws he always tries his best *cheeky face* PS olivia can u draw something else instead of ponies n warrior cats?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-12-06 17:31:55

i agree with bomb

Bomby2017-12-06 16:27:48

Yes Olivia, it is my belief that you're being jerk. I can take constructive critisism, but insulting others isn't cool.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-12-06 15:41:06

as for olivia we used to be friends and you only draw my little pony cringe so i'll remember you as a giant FUCK YOU!!!

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-12-06 15:39:29

damn simon that was really nice i'll remember you greatly for the rest of my life

SimonTheDumbie2017-12-06 14:20:05

Dude stop and use right grammar. Gremlins art is not bad, not at all. Everyone is good at art in their own way they don't have to be spectacular at it just to have nice comments and good reviews(not saying Gremlins is bad at art he is amazing). But when you don't draw at all you can't say they suck at art. Gremlins has been here for a long time, I think even longer than me. He has improved and he's amazing at art in his own way. If you have bad opinions keep it to yourself.

Olivia2017-12-06 14:10:14

why do you always vote on youre art its annoying and plus its ugly you are immature by doing that beause youre scared of people voting bad on youre art

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