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Swapplay Ref- Midnight

In the Swapply dimension, Midnight goes by "Nick" instead and is evil. More in the comments, give me time to type it out.

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Fernclaw2016-09-03 11:27:13

Haha thank you!!

Fernclaw2016-09-03 11:26:46

-Fernclaw. Also he can visit other Au's, but only once every three months. He has a gadget that can lead to other Au's when the moon is full and shining down upon it. ;) He loves to cause havoc, and he is quite reserved.

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-03 11:25:57


Fernclaw2016-09-03 11:24:52

He's a perv and an antisocial freak. He has a signature sneer and can bend water. He loves to bend water into a whip, so he can beat people. He also doesn't respect anyone, and usually steals. He introduces himself to people with his hood over his face usually. He got the scar on his face one day, when he accidently angered Lord Fernclaw, she attacked him with such power that she left a permanent scar. He also despises his "supposed" mother, Aquarius, who is a servant to Lord

Fernclaw2016-09-03 11:18:20

So Nick is sorta half evil and the 1/8 good. He hates Lord Fernclaw yet can enjoy her company rarely. He is determined to find a human soul, so that he can get more power. For he's seen the power Lord Fernclaw can use, and the human part of her soul is almost dead. So he's determined to bring one to either her or himself. He can be friendly with Behemoth in a sadistic way, but he's neutral when it comes to the invasion Lord Fernclaw is planning.

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