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testy testy

i havent been on this ugley site in years and now i am bac . time to do some ART

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cozykit2017-09-18 18:07:36

henlo there

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 18:04:42

well HEY again

cozykit2017-09-18 18:01:41

aw heck yeah that's it!! i recognize the style and everything

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 17:55:51

there is a good chance that that was me http://am.slimber.com/gallery/image/gray-here:g229674.html

cozykit2017-09-18 17:53:06

oh heck was your oc all grey with yellow eyes? We never talked but i remember someone who went by greystripe that had that oc!!

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 17:41:37

howdy doody thanks pal

& yea i left some time in,, 2013/2014ish bc it got kinda quiet and all my buds moved to dA :// so

aspen-otaku2017-09-18 17:37:17

yeah, it got worse over the years. But since A few older guys (and gals) joined we got some pretty decent art

RubyRain2017-09-18 17:31:50

Welcome back to hell!

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 17:30:05

& also steppenwolf. & a plethora of other shitty furry accounts that i no longer remember .slips my mind

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 17:26:26

WELL YSEE i havent been active in a good 4 years . i joined in early 2012 ,,, (i was graystripe))

aspen-otaku2017-09-18 17:24:10

how long were u away?

I might know u

napoleon-bonerfart2017-09-18 17:23:34

hey! thank u.

aspen-otaku2017-09-18 17:21:37

good woofus

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