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ur literally murdoc from gorillaz and you have a big dumb crush on a literal angel

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sparkledesu2016-10-26 07:46:08

i was ignoring this all but, unlike you i guess, i realized ignoring people is petty, even if they don't deserve the clarity.

sparkledesu2016-10-26 07:39:39

ummmm? if you want to actually apologize contact me yourself? i'm not going to go out of my way to help you feel like a better person (when you really aren't) so if you have unfinished business with me, text me yourself but don't expect me to initiate it.

Yaoi2016-10-21 21:07:24

I also just doubted you wanted to continue to be friends because y'know, it was a little strange. I just hope you're doing better now. I'll check back on this later probably. I just didn't know if http://slimber.com/gallery/image/if-you-re-reading-this:u550128.html this was still relevant or if you've changed your mind since.

Yaoi2016-10-21 21:01:58

Hi um
I'm sorry for everything I said last minute before I blocked you
I just got scared and freaked out
I'm glad you have a crush too and you're talking to your old friends!
The only reason I'm not talking to you is because i'm too worried i'll just cause more problems.
I'm just sorry

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