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The Moment

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snowmoon1592015-06-28 11:00:57

are they rellay naked though if thats ture im am disgused

snowmoon1592015-06-28 10:57:14

This is so cool. I love it. Its awesomer than the monalesa you drawed. The cool part is the sky.

I_love_wolves2014-10-07 12:36:03

Good picture

Taitum2012-05-18 20:10:20

THIS......IS..... AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When me and my friend Hope where watchin' this we where sayin' "O MY GOSH!!!!" every 5 seconds!!!!! This is soo awsome!!

catlover232012-05-13 23:56:23

is she naked or is she wearing bacinies?

Emilia2012-05-06 23:22:35

iwas trying your tactic... i turned a epic fail

Emilia2012-05-06 23:18:32

umm cool i might say BUT.... it is wierd and gross... i mean who draws NAKED PEOPLE ON THE BEACH???? PLUS THEY THROW EACH OTHER???

kelsey2011-12-20 15:14:11

*cryies caues its so perrty*

sophi2011-11-15 14:55:20

so Pretty!

Lizzie K.2011-10-22 18:06:03

Larry Davis or should i say jerk. How come i dont see one of ur drawings in the most commeted. u suck at drawing i saw one of them theyre as ugly as a dogs poop.!!!!!!!!

bluetulip2011-10-05 10:02:31

sorry but are you love sick enought to draw nacked people throwing each other on the BEACH?????????

Cutie Pie2011-09-12 19:49:56

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Please look at this http://slimber.com/index.php?image=farm-girls.g81831

ADELEfan#12011-08-31 05:51:03

This is my moment my moment. And it's my my time my my mine. Feels like my moment. My moment :-) love it

flower cat2011-07-30 20:13:10

omg that's sooo good
"Julia Loves Garaa" , you'r comment made me cry ,really your words touch my heart :"(

Captain W.2011-07-27 23:49:18

This is too much for my brain...i wish i can draw as good as you +_+ 10/10 for awesomeness

Alice2011-07-22 21:13:09

wow that is all i can say!

Yer Xiong2011-07-22 17:04:01

very nice!

DominiqueDinosaur2011-07-07 13:52:30

That's soo good! You're amazing at drawing! :)

esther cullen2011-07-06 06:52:59

that's amazing!

Nell2011-07-05 11:19:45

Woah cick play and watch it. The transformation is really cool.

Nell2011-07-05 11:16:32

Amazing - it has real depth.
I'm hoping she's got on a swimsiut though. :)

Isini2011-07-05 04:57:03

You are the best!!!!!

toonna2011-06-29 08:29:32

i like thiss<3

Gaby2011-06-22 17:00:54

Wow, very good! I like the way you constucted the people.

Paigina2011-06-16 22:30:28

So... realistic! It makes me want to watch a sunset... :)

Krishna.s 2011-06-16 08:53:40

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i could do that :)

molly2011-06-15 14:47:12

love it

k arun2011-06-14 21:33:35


jordan clayton 2011-06-10 19:18:24

wow that is beutaful

aolani2011-05-28 17:54:08

the guys arm looks messed up other than that its b e a utitful

Inveeyah2011-05-24 05:03:31

Wow, this is beautiful!!!


soren56672011-05-20 18:09:22

hi zelda XD the comment at the bottom is from princess zelda (i didnt know she drew pics on slimber lol fail) well i wana know how u did this i suck at drawing :P yeah... 5 stars :) <3 to the drawing is love

Quinn Martin2011-05-08 13:58:01

Wow that turned out really good. :)

Julia V Garcia2011-05-04 13:00:46


Julia Loves Garaa2011-04-21 03:37:01

*Cries* This Reminds Me Of My BF That Died A Few Months Ago... But That Was Amazig It Made Me Cry

emily heleba2011-04-19 18:44:16


kalie092011-04-10 11:19:41

wow prinsess zelda u r my mom on free realmes

Emma R. D.2011-03-28 13:06:05

lol this whole time I thought u were shushmit but ur sushmit sorry! btw r u boy or girl?

sarmite2011-03-21 10:19:08

i love it!!!

Emma R. D.2011-02-28 14:58:16


Oliver Rickers2011-02-22 17:48:08

So romantic! It reminds me of when my girl an I are together!
Nice work!

Larry Davis from lincoln middle 2011-02-22 13:47:12

u suck im better

Helene2011-02-20 14:13:20

amazing!!! also judging by ur other drawings, u are SO TALENTED!! :)

OhGad_U_Rukk2011-02-11 09:49:50

So awwsome!!! I am a bad speler :-( im 9 i wish i werr better @ speling + gramer

Emma R. D.2011-02-02 08:33:02

Wow that's wicked good.

Fizzy2011-02-01 10:53:05


Yuliana Balbuena (9 yrs old!)2011-01-31 15:47:02

WOWW<<<<<<<<<CRAZY<<<<<<<<<<AWESOME<<<<<<<<LOVE IT :)

Sushmit2011-01-26 03:01:49

Thankyou People. Glad you'll liked it =D

Rayah Sanchez2011-01-24 17:39:55

awww!!! i love this!

NNN2011-01-24 14:52:31

It's beautiful, really stunning. I love it! Beautifully done.


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