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the new villain and his origin

the smash chronicals

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gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:48:19

please don't leave me again NO! one:nick its alright she'll be back before you know it. me:yeah i geuss your right

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:46:37

yes its so boring here and i can't comment on your videos because the youtube account i'm using is my little brothers

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:46:24

i gtg

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:43:51

ahh okay since me and kena have left you haven't had anyone to talk to right?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:39:41

no i'm just so unbelievably lonely

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:38:03

Yeah that's them.Crow doesn't have a gender.Am i bothering you?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:34:33

yes and i was like this that the guy on your profile pic

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:33:46

Oh did you see Crow?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:32:38

i know

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:32:11

Okay then but i might not be able to them it depends.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:25:29

ok i got some ideas

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:24:02

Nope and that's cool trying to plan something for an animation.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:16:04

me been very excited for some reason

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:15:22

i don't have a name for him yet do you 2 have any ideas

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:14:58

he even turns into a mutated mario and the other characters even mashups of them,he looks like the human glitching but later in chapter whatever after falling into a pit of viruses he comes back as a glitchy monster the most powerful virus of them all he has clothes but after making him normal he's gonna be completly naked

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 14:13:01

So how ya been?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:11:10

hi gothic

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-09-14 14:08:10

he's a human who loves video games luck half of us i mean he loves them so much his car has a mario hat but one day while playing a hacked mario game he caught the glitch that spreads from the game and outside the console

Captain.glitter.Pig2017-09-14 13:58:25

Hello sorry i wasn't able to talk keyboard broke.

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-14 13:55:46


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