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RainPie2017-04-16 16:57:18

It's ok ur motivational to me! :D :D :D Ur so understanding NightStar!!!!

NightStar2017-04-15 20:05:21

Duuude i understand your good fam!!
Yeah life sucks,
it gets worse
you've made it this far
lol i suck at being motivational im so sorry XD

RainPie2017-04-15 06:36:26

sad, but this was deep)

RainPie2017-04-15 06:35:57

It's just that I'm like REALLY REALLY REALLY dark and it pushes some people away...it's not my fault either...something...happened..like it was an "Inccident" and I just became a dark person who liked blood and gore and I only know one thing why i'm that way...and it's because i'm hurting because nobody understands what is REALLY going on inside my mind and I can't tell them...(Wow this was the first time I acually told someone this, sorry if I made u

RainPie2017-04-15 06:33:35

I'm always lonely...even with friends...it's just this side of me that's making me hold on to all those lonely things in my life and I can't let go because I was weak and I let it take over me so welp I got a lonely side of me now :/

RainPie2017-04-15 06:32:30


NightStar2017-04-14 09:21:27

Yeaah :<
So someone i've been friends with for four years ( they had a slimber account ages ago, but we use Scratch and Skype to talk now )
But we always get into aurguments and sense the last aurgument,, like two days ago he still hasn't replied to anything i've said.
It scares me because once he left a whole year without saying a single thing. I'm scared he's doing that again

RainPie2017-04-14 09:06:36

NightStar r u sad? ;-;

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