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The Song Of Unhealing Can Kill You...


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LegendaryWolf123452017-09-04 16:45:05


Me, OrangePie2017-04-27 06:45:12

XD...but this is real tho

EmperorBomb2017-04-25 06:44:08

Time to break out the Mythbusters!

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:57:35

Oh no my head ache is back, good thing my chest didn't star hurting, yet, I have to go listen to the Song Of Healing, i'll be back once i'm not in pain anymore... :(

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:56:50

(Read down and come up)

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:56:36

So listen to the Song Of Healing instead

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:56:21

Also if you continue to listen to the Song Of Unhealing you might die

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:55:58

But you are not healed forever, you have to keep listening to it for probably the rest of your life or else the pain comes back but you really don't have to listen to it for the rest of your life you just have to listen to it often or the pain comes back

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:54:57

Listen to this and it will slowly heal you back and the pain will go away


Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:54:31

But there is a cure

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:54:18

I have experienced it because I love that song but I kept listening to it so it soon unhealed me and it started to hurt, I got a head ache and my chest started to hurt

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:53:21

At first if you listen to it, it will unheal you but it won't hurt but as long as you KEEP listening it will start to hurt

Me, OrangePie2017-04-24 18:52:47

If you listen to it TOO much then it will start to unheal you, which is killing you but it will be painfull and it gets worse the more you listen to it

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