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Thing happening wit meh

So ya sides been hurting for at least a year now..Bad..AND, my friend has been feeding off of my sadness so ya dat hurts..ANDDDDD ,nuenuhedjc, I miss my baby neise...AND..(Comments)

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LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:23:36

Thx CozyKit :3

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:13:51

Build it up! Also it seems liek evrybody on SLimber wants me to die now! It seems liek they r liking my psined posts because they want me to suffer! :D

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:13:08

the calm Moon. I love feeling connected with it. Also I never had any good dreams ever since..Yeah cant tell u..I always have nightmares or dreams about paranormal things that don´t harm me. I miss my closest and first friend in Kindegarten we have been friends ever sicne but that all changed. Master won talk so yeah. Also My eyes are trying to cry but my family is near and I like crying alone because I dont like it when humans are at fault. Also my self estiem lowered when I was trying to buil

cozykit2017-09-18 18:13:05

gee i'm sorry pal! i hope you feel better soon but just remember that hard times never last awright?

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:08:44

I have a sleep paralisis and itś getting worse :´D Also ya bullies r piling up on meh and my teacher hates me so ya :´) And I miss my dog and Iḿ Lonely(Hint hint the name XD). And my friend just put me down, she doesn even seems like my friend cuz she never said it and also she thinks Iḿ annoying becuz I like to be hyper it juust helps me relax and not cry everyday. Something is holding me bak from crying yeah and when I do cry, itś at night because I like looking out the window and at t

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