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Still lifes








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didnt i say to go bitch? i nor anyone again, dont care about you. cry a river, build a brigde and GET OVER THIS SITE. P.S i would never draw your request bitch.

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millie kat :32017-01-23 14:43:03

like your 17, plus i have like 7 back up computers. also me, bitch really? i think your the fucking bitch here,LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Undertale2017-01-21 12:16:28

i also could hack your account but i think making it so you cant use your computer anymore is more fun

Undertale2017-01-21 12:14:40

and why should i listen to a little girl like you
sorry im 17 and if you would like i can look and find you ip address, link it to your computer and completely take it over and fry its hard drvie with all the stuff ill load on it.
so if you dont want that then i suggest you dont bossy me around like the little bitch that you are :)

Undertale2017-01-21 12:09:08

what the fuck is wrong with you
you damn furries im afraid im not the only one here that isnt a furry
stop being a little bitch cause i KNOW you dont like kitty
ive watched you basically make fun of her cause simon doesnt like her

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