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Drawings of same style

When someones says Art style theft is real.

B r u h . ( somethings in the comments :,) )

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QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 14:44:40

Bruh i said artstyle like drawing characters in a certain ways.But yeah everything else is copied/trace.Because those russians don't know how to do things.

Bleaach2018-02-01 13:44:16

Let me rephrase myself here,

my art (characters, backgrounds) in general is being copied.. If you couldn't tell...
( original: http://slimber.com/gallery/image/warn-me-before-you-leave:u566088.html
( copied: http://www.slimber.com/gallery/image/tbsu-vent:g581010.html

There's many others that's been copied as well.
But that's far too many for me to go through :')

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 10:11:19

w o t

Belivin2018-02-01 09:29:53


QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 09:05:41

Ok idk where m going here so I go lmao

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 09:04:10

It's unique but i still need to fix some stuff.So i just draw in my doodle style.Anyways just to say Art Style theft isn't real.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 09:03:00

To be honest i never really draw with my real artstyle on slimber only like in 3 or 4 art post.Because m still trying to make look good

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 09:01:38

But art style isn't real because they are little changes like the eyes or ears or such.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 09:00:27

you can say my art style is stealing someones artstyle that i never ever met.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 08:59:21

If artstyle theft was real well there be a little less of artist in the world :,) NOT TO BE RUDE but i seem to see the similar artstyle among some people.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 08:57:02

Only things that is real is stealing characters or stealing the "art" more like tracing but still.

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