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"When The World Ends.."

I might ask God if I can make this place! And I'll ask him if he can bring all my friends and put them in the World I created! Don't worry I'll be there too, after I get done building :)

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♫ канал мяу ♫2018-01-01 06:16:32

пекратите копировать

RainPie2017-12-31 22:10:36

Yeah what she said. LonelyDemon is my other account and I don't appreciate you stealing from any of my Accounts you know this site makes any art Copywrite so basically your commmiting a crime by copying me so stop trying to be a wannabe and just say you like my art it's not that hard >:(

Rebeat2017-12-31 07:43:20

its not nice to steal. congratulations; you're trying to take other peoples satisfaction and gratitude, grabbing their art and watering it down completely to make your own fucking stuff. not only that, but taking someone elses name;
I really hope you get help and that you'll stop this in the mere future-it's sad to see people with an IQ lower than 50 doing this.

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