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When you're the "bad guy"

I got like 6 of friends doing this to me.Fucking christ stop it I am having troubles right now don't you dare become one of them...

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SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 18:28:30


Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 18:09:39


Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 18:09:10

oh wow,Other people are trying to replace me in my friend group and I nearly got depressed enough that I got my knife and well....I stopped and walk away.I didn't want to start a fight so I just glared at them.

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 18:06:46

(': But I'm sorry your having problems with mental illness's and I realized i made no sense OH WOW ISN'T LIFE GR8 Okay but I do hope you feel better.

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 18:05:06

I'm sorry, over and over and over again and i got so tired of it because i was attatched to her and wanted to talk to her so, and I repeated what she said to me and she got mad and she wouldn't talk to me. 5 months i decide to say something and it meant i didnt want to be friends anymore and she got angry and said its all my fauly. So right now all i want to do is die because she was one of my favortie friends, but I try because I have other friends to think of so yeah, I'm sorry

Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 18:03:46

r.i.p my dude

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 18:01:56

I love your spelling (': but I can understand a lot, she was one of my best friends and when I told her i was bi (she is religious), she stopped saying ily and then she called me a sin one day and the affected me because im a senstive idiot, and so then she ignores me and one day she stands up to me and says "Sorry means you wont do it again" and i was like.. bro, because she says brb shes gone for probably two hours each time and she says it'll take 15 minutes and then comes

Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 17:50:40

*freshmen (Fucfk)

Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 17:50:05


Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 17:49:47

Woo also I have to fight a whole group of jake paul wannabes freshman.I mean bruhhh

Quixadex Myntophire2017-11-21 17:48:13

oh hi...4 of my friends is accussing me for "abandoning them".Even tho I was busy doing work and other shit.Other ones are personal (some crazy shit that involves suicide..).I'm developing a mental illness right now.People think i'm disabled.Ain't this shit great?(Plus my mental illnesses is affecting my physical health)

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 17:30:10

in whats she did? what the flip in what shes done*

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-21 17:29:24

Hey I can relate my dude, I just confronted my ex best friend in whats she did and i told her i didnt want to be friends anymore and she blamed me, I have more serious stuff going on but thats a huge dent in my life. So I can relate lets ignore reality rn <:

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