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Where Is Everyone....?

Ya, so sorry Legendary ;-;, guys where are you? I miss you guys..Im staring to think youll never come back..

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LonelyDemon2017-10-27 15:28:15

Thx u Legendary :)

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-26 12:33:20

I just said, "She is just worried about her friends,"
you don't have to be rude about it.

LonelyDemon2017-10-25 07:01:19

@Nightmare that hurts, I was just saying I didnt know where they were and I was worried :( But thx for letting me talk to you when I get lonely :)

RubyRain2017-10-24 18:41:35


That'a a little harsh, don't ya think?

Nightmarebonnie2017-10-24 14:39:27

You need to read the whole thing before you comment, I also said she can talk to sombody.
And I understand shes worried about her other frens, but really, It's not a big deal. It's online. But if she has no frens irl then, thats a another story. But really, what I'm saying is, keep your shit to yourself. :)

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-24 12:57:44


xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-24 12:57:35

She is jus worried, just leave her alone

Nightmarebonnie2017-10-24 11:30:40

Okay, listen.
Nobody I mean nobody is always going to be online when your online, but if you are sad and feel alone, talk to me or somebody you like or trust.
But if your like "omg they are never coming back!!!111!!!" It might be the case but you need to suck it up.

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