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LonelyDemon2017-10-01 13:49:52


RubyRain2017-09-27 17:33:55


I have no clue what you were saying


LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:30:21

She was to leave this Earth.)

LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:29:59

And she makes me upset because of it but I still like her. The only adult who maybe knows a little more than she is supposed to, she is the closest I have gotten to a teacher, and she is loved for it(By me). Friends arent people I like, but people I trust with my darkest secrets, I trust Cookie and I have told her many things, I also noticed she didnt judge me for it and she hasnt treated me any different ever since I told her those things, Cookie is dearly loved and I would be highly upset if

LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:24:37

Of school. Also those who can understand the way I think can understand how I feel, like The Cute Cookie, she KNOWS when Im sad and she KNOWS when Im happy, she has passed and has taken a step closer to fully understanding the way I function. I am closer to her because of it and I love her. My other friend, on the other hand, understands little, she gets conserned when she feels I am sad because of my body language. So she is kinds figuring it out but doesnt understand when I explain to her

LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:22:17

I also like to watch other react to others, which mean I like watching human interaction and how well they do it or how bad they do it, I tend to get scared when humans get to hostile, and I often get ticked off when they dont uderstand me or insult me because they dont understand me, sometimes I like testing their intellegence, by saying things in myvocabulary to see if they can figure it out, only one person passed that, and he is my dearest friend. We still keep in touch, just barley because

LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:20:05

I think, if they have passed that test succesfully, they become something in my Imagination, its called Imaginaton but I rank it somethign different, to me it means things that have happend in my life and things that are added because of it, its fully with imaginary freidns that are only animals, usually winged or demons, and they stay there and I take care of them, they are forever a part of my Imagination because I care for them and I care for their feelings, wether they hurt me or I hurt them

LonelyDemon2017-09-23 09:17:50

A piece of my Imagination..(I..I like to think in a certain way..Irl I love to walk, talk, sit, lay, eat, sleep, and dance like an ANimal, it help calm things down from all the stuff going on in my life. Since I do think this way, I like to observe people like they are a different species than I am, its interesting, I love to talk to them and watch their reaction to things, I love to observe their deit and behavior, and I like to observe to see if they can either think, or understand the way

Belivin2017-09-21 21:26:02


aspen-otaku2017-09-21 21:13:36

an online fren

RubyRain2017-09-21 20:57:42

Bad day?

Belivin2017-09-21 15:21:30

a better drawer than me

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