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Who ever hack Chara WILL PAY...


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Nightmarebonnie2016-09-02 09:59:30

Okay so.. i'm 4 years beind but, i don't act like some pepole on here, okay.. I know i'm targeted but, i don't care what peploe think!, There just jreks who don't have a life.. Ok.. And your not like that by the way... Your aleast 10 times better at drawing... And if it sounds like i'm being i'm not...Ok
So... Okay?..

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-02 09:52:32

i will quote some terms of use
"You need to be at least 13 years old to register for and use the website."
do not "post any information that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable and offensive;"
"provide false or inaccurate information when registering an account;"

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-02 09:50:56

Maybe, your right I'll take a break for a bit.. for like awhile so.. yea.. .3.

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-02 09:48:06

im not making fun of you cause youre a young artist still learning to draw. you keep taking things the wrong way. maybe you should take a break too. mature up and learn how to read what people are actually saying

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-02 09:46:02

attenion*, And also I really don't care what you think about my drawings.. Just because your older then me dose'tn mean you can boss me around.. This is Slimber where talking about theres alot of stuff going on here! Dude, I like your drawings i can understand my drawing kinda suck, OKAY? and also..there are other accounts that are underage but what dose Slimber care? I only joined was to have fun,But i've not been have fun latey... So Just freakin leave me alone .-.

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-02 09:43:10

you really are 9.
you didnt read that right at all.
since your nine and not supposed to have an account.
i could talk to slimber and get you removed.
i got reported off deviant art when i was nine
since you want to be so rude why dont i do that. :^)

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-02 09:39:27

Okay i care .3. lol Dude, I'm 9 and think you want me to draw better? your kidding me, also i have not been on slimber for a while... Also i care about Chara.. And also i can't get hacked because i have an account , And no one knows my password.. So why don't you leave me alone for once..I tried to make it up to you.. And here you are, Telling me to shut up and stop doing all this crap... And also i don't give a freak you say... I don't care if i'm giveing them atte

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-02 09:32:34

i was told this once in a differernt way. so just leave her alone. she needs to learn how to solve her own problems. when i was nine and i got in a problem on the internet i just left. i came back two years later. yup two whole years. cause shouldnt be glued to a computer. not only that but you should get a little better at drawing or you will get targeted. im not gonna yell at you for being to young to even have an account but whatever.

Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-09-02 09:29:16

youre just giving them attention like they want
and its not hacking
if she got an actual profile this most likely wouldnt be a problem
but youre telling person that youre going to hurt them so hey, if they can actually hack youre probably gonna get haked. so get your head out of your ass. this isnt your problem. i dont care if shes your friend. its between her and the person drawing using her name.

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-02 08:33:43

I mean't hakcked..

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