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creepy flumpty:i'm cuter than you. michael:you look like a gray faceless version of flumpty,i have hair,dreamy eyes and muscles and baby soft skin i'm the one girls are drooling over.

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millie kat :32016-09-20 14:03:29

i messed up here :c #slimberishruindedforme..

millie kat :32016-09-17 21:29:26

awwww :c :hands back jacket: michael is to emo bean for you c.f I:I

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 14:53:52

creepy flumpty:okay now that was just mean only i can do that

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:55:04

: steals michaels jacket : MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:47:21

your welcome :3 :takes m&m's and dumps them on self: MORE CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 12:42:04

c.f reaction:bitch and thanks for the sweeter

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:40:25

:grabs a hand full of m&m's and eats them: CANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyy

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:38:22

: runs in after c.f : dont forget this :3 :millie hands him a red sweater : so you will look better then michael :3

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 12:38:03

creepy flumpty:(comes out of kitchen with a bowl of m&m's)hey nightmare bonnie can you draw the event that just happened as a click play also my fav food is candy.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 12:24:28

what really happened when n.b slapped them creepy flumpty:as for my face thats a long story with 4 teens and 1 brick. nb slaps them c.f again:ow. michael p.s hes kinda sencitive:(sniffs a little puts on hood and cries) c.f:what a fucking pussy,alright we'll be friends nightmare bonnie and i feel the same but i have to keep looking on the bright side (smiles and goes in the kitchen)

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:17:42


Nightmarebonnie2016-09-17 12:11:52

And also. I"m a robot i have few feelings, Besides:Love, Hate sad.anger. Thats all ,3,
Besides *takes off face* Who cares if Creppy Flumpy is faceless, I can be too! .3. *puts face back on* Can you two be freinds! *slaps both of them* Hmhp..

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 12:10:31

creepy flumpty:THANK YOU (steals michaels clothes and runs away laughing) michael:get back here you god for saken egg!

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:05:39

michael: :OOOOOOO IM CUTER THEN.. THAT THING.... :millie: nu uh, :)

millie kat :32016-09-17 12:04:11

honestly, id drool over creepy flumty, :) (p.s michael you look like cow poop )

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-17 12:02:36

Alsoo What happen to Creppy Flumpy's face.. o.o

Nightmarebonnie2016-09-17 12:00:56

Heh.. Ermm... I would have to say... Both of you! ^3^

gremlins gizmo ze geek2016-09-17 11:59:31

creepy flumpty:do you think someone on here is gonna ship us? michael:(vomits) one:(sigh) what i put up with.

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